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FSJ Shoes Customization Guide


FSJ provides 2 types of customize shoes service.

First one is Full Customization service. In this way, FSJ allow buyer upload any image of shoes to request a shoes customization. Visit here to upload your request.

The other one, we call it “Partial customization service”.

This means when buyer is viewing FSJ existing product, buyer could easily customize shoes color, size, heels height and material By simply click custom option button. As the picture below:

Partial customization service

Custom Options Introduce


As a shoes factory, FSJ always provide full size from US 3 to US 15, for size over 15,you need fill the “Additional size” field, and the additional fee of your size require will be $30 added with your shoes order together.

Ex. US16, UK14, US3.5, or foot length 280cm

And you may find more info on our size chart.

size chart

how to measure foot length

Heel height

Of course we could provide additional heel height as well. In general, there is will be a standard heel height for every shoes that could be found on the product page -> additional tag as picture below.

heels height

If you are not satisfied with the standard heel height, you could fill the “additional heel height” field.

Ex. 10CM, 2Inch

Please note: In general, we DO NOT suggest that the heel height is over 12CM for the shoes without platform. Because this design is not ergonomic.


Do you have a fat feet? FSJ provide extra large width shoes for you now. Simply fill the “Additional width” field now, you could get you large width for any style easily. Leave blank for standard Width.

how to measure foot width

Ex. 8CM, 2Inch

Leather upgrade pack

All our shoes is made of PU leather for standard type, if need true leather to make the shoes, please check the input of Leather upgrade pack.

Boots Options

Boots length

“Boots Length” field is according to the length of your leg. You could tell us where you want your boots reached via this field.

Ex. 30CM, 12inch

Calf Width

Leave blank for standard Calf width, the additional fee of your Calf width require will be $10

Calf Width

Ex.18CM, 7inch

Thigh Circumference

Leave blank for standard Thigh Circumference, the additional fee of your Thigh Circumference require will be $10

Thigh Circumference

Ex.28CM, 11inch

Download PDF Version

FSJ Shoes Customization Guide.pdf