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FSJ Shoes Store Reviews

Rated 4.75 out of 5 stars. Based on 6223 Reviews

by Mandi on 06/20/2018

Very comfortable shoes, highly recommended!!!

by prissy on 06/19/2018

I am male and cross dress. Have been looking for a high wedge heeled shoe and found yours. They are marvelous and make my legs look gorgeous. Walking in them forces my butt out and my hips to wiggle but that is what I was looking for. Thank you o very much for making me one happy customer

by Mich on 06/16/2018

Happy and satisfied with my purchased in this website, I definitely recommend. Everytime I receive my order straight away I purchased another boots I really love high heels booties , since I give it a try wow I’m impressed came up exactly they same as the picture and the sizes. And it’s very so comfortable to wear ended.

by Thomas on 06/16/2018

I hope it fits being a first time buyer

by Ro on 06/15/2018

Great buy!

by Natalie666 on 06/15/2018

Pretty shoe. Fits well!

by KJ.Sasha on 06/15/2018

I love them Thay fit grate and soo cute and comfy too that's hard to find Thanks

by AR77 on 06/15/2018

Love these. Fit and wear like a higher brand show. Color is a deep miss which I love.

by E Irvin on 06/15/2018

Gorgeous! True fashion statement and very stylish.

by Michelle on 06/15/2018

Absolutely love these shoes!

by Sea on 06/15/2018

The way they look on her feet!

by Misha on 06/15/2018

Perfect style!so comfortable and they look great.

by Karina on 06/15/2018

Good fit!

by eauti8 on 06/15/2018

I ordered one for I friend she said she love it!

by Jackie C. on 06/15/2018

I really like these heals.

by KIKO on 06/15/2018

KAWAII!!Love these shoes!

by Annalise on 06/15/2018


by stephanie on 06/15/2018

Love these shoes! I have been wanting them awhile now so I'm glad I finally made the purchase. I did go up a size as I read the reviews and stated they ran small and the size up fits perfectly

by ss on 06/15/2018

A quality made shoes that fit great and are gorgeous!

by MJ on 06/15/2018

Sexy and very comfortable

by Yolanda Rivera on 06/15/2018

Exactly what I wanted. Its true to picture.

by mary on 06/15/2018

Love them!

by Cathi Henry on 06/15/2018

My favorite shoes!!!

by Katrina on 06/15/2018

they're super cute.

by NMArgbatt on 06/15/2018

I loved them! Comfortable!!

by Adams on 06/15/2018

Gorgeous shoe!

by kymgirl on 06/15/2018

So beautifull and coffy!

by nino on 06/15/2018

So happy ' very pleased, nice shoes!

by FC on 06/15/2018

Very comfortable!! Love France !!

by Lis on 06/14/2018

I was very skeptical about buying sight unseen. I was just in Las Vegas and came thiisss close to buying a black pair of Giuseppe zanottis that were the EXACT SAME about a year ago. These are identical. When I got them, I was extremely impressed with the quality and the fit. For a price of $100, it is a lot more reasonable than the ones in Vegas which were $1500. These are amazing and sexy shoes! Ps. The picture I’m attaching are the Giuseppe Zanotti’s that you can still get right now in Neiman Marcus. Identical.

by Arif Ahmed on 06/14/2018

I ♥ Brazil !!!

by Becon on 06/14/2018

Fighting! World Cup !!!

by Franky on 06/14/2018

France ! Winner!

by Clarla on 06/14/2018

Die hard Germany fan ....

by Eva on 06/14/2018

So glad our country wins top 32, I'm always with Iceland all the way!

by Maison on 06/14/2018


by Moly on 06/14/2018

You are the best! Cheer for u!

by Canley on 06/14/2018

Love world cup, wish our country can enter top 32 next time!!!

by Emanuelly on 06/14/2018

Brazil ! Neymar ! Neymar ! WIn Win Win!

by Isabella on 06/14/2018

Bought this for my wife, I wish her can watch world cup with me!

by Louise on 06/14/2018

Great heels,expecting my country win!!!

by Mia on 06/14/2018

Germany is Champion!!!

by María on 06/14/2018

I love my country, fighting!

by Sofía on 06/14/2018

Love football, love spain!

by Messia on 06/14/2018

Love these high heels, i will cheer for Argentina, cheer for messi in these heels!

by Lunana on 06/14/2018

I love these stylish heels, they are amazing. Uruguay Fighting!

by Esther Emile on 06/14/2018

Perfect fit and comfy

by S A Twillman on 06/14/2018

Pretty shoe. Fits well

by ulaabedalwahab on 06/14/2018

Awesome product A+++++++

by Lyblkeena on 06/14/2018

Love them. They were really comfortable to wear.

by Dottie on 06/14/2018

The heel little higher than expected but the shoe fits great with my Iceland T-shirt and wears wonderful.

by victoria souder on 06/14/2018

Very stylish and good design!!!

by donna on 06/14/2018

So beautiful and chic. Fit nice a tad small on first wear.

by Sea & Sun on 06/14/2018

All hail Neymar !!!!! Can't wait to see him!!

by Elexis on 06/14/2018

Super cute. I love these!!!

by Troy E Irvin on 06/14/2018

What can I say? I love everything!!!

by ragazza000 on 06/14/2018

These are really nice quality for such a low price.

by Lessi Nessi on 06/14/2018

I'm a man but I'm planning to wear these heels to the football ground !!!! That should be fun !!!!

by Horry on 06/14/2018

I'm gonna shining with these heels !!! It's so amazing!!! And special!!!!

by debbie on 06/14/2018

Goal!!!!!! With my shoes!!!! Ahha!!

by Ashley on 06/14/2018

Shoes are perfect !! Ready to go!!!! Russia!!! I'm coming!!!

by Party Q on 06/14/2018

Bling Bling Bling!

by Nase on 06/14/2018

They are gorgeous!!!!!

by DEE on 06/14/2018


by Highheelslover on 06/13/2018

Sexy heels, they are gorgeous.

by Diondra on 06/13/2018

Too narrow for my feet. Can't even put my feet in them. I bought a size fifteen and my friend who is a size 13 complained that they were a little too tight for her. I'll have to go get them altered. The shoe at least looks nice and sturdy.

by Luna on 06/12/2018


by Gabby Marsden on 06/09/2018

I love these shoes! My feet hate flat sandals, so when I was looking for a pair of sandals to take on a trip to Europe I wanted them to have a slight heel to make walking more comfortable.

by Doris holtzner on 06/09/2018

I am totally in love and will be back to get other colors.

by Grace F. on 06/09/2018

This Shoe Is Beautiful and Fitted Perfectly. I Ordered a Size 10 and it came as it should have.

by Cathy Jarvis on 06/09/2018

Nice shoes just too tall of a heel, and I find it hard to walk in.

by on 06/09/2018

Soo so pretty they are lighter than the picture but i like them better like that it makes them a little more neutral... i love them!!

by A.M.Owens on 06/09/2018

Great heel for all occasions. I was specifically looking for heels that I would wear to work. Needed something that was still fashionable, yet not too high. These are the perfect height and go with pretty much any work outfit (pants, skits, dresses).

by Tracy's Review on 06/09/2018

I have a narrow foot and I should have gotten a smaller size for a better fit. The shoe itself is beautiful!

by Mari on 06/09/2018

I love this shoes. Very nice, very elegant, comfortable. Good design and color.

by Sofia on 06/09/2018

These shoes are amazingly sexy and beautiful

by London Michaels on 06/09/2018

I get so many compliments on these shoes! I have narrow feet so sometimes I am concerned about the fit, but they fit as expected. The heel high was perfect.

by Kimberly on 06/09/2018

Fit well, comfortable, and great price!

by Vivienne S. on 06/09/2018

They are so comfortable and sturdy. I was able to walk in them from 8pm-1: 30 am

by Satine on 06/09/2018

The shoes are beautiful. I have only worn them twice since I purchased them and I have received multiple compliments. They are true to size and pretty comfortable. I really love the color and fit.

FSJ is ranked 4.75 out of 5. Based on 6223 user reviews.