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FSJ Shoes Store Reviews

Rated 4.85 out of 5 stars. Based on 9882 Reviews

by lmorning on 05/23/2019

very nice and classy. fits true to size and looks fantastic.

by Kirstin Scrudato on 05/23/2019

Love, love, love these shoes. they are so comfortable and cute! I get complements all the time on these and I can wear them all day with no pain!

by L. Smith on 05/23/2019

These are ridiculously cute! They are actually very comfortable

by Natural Mama on 05/23/2019

Very comfortable shoe. I don’t wear heels ever & was able to wear these comfortably for hours at a banquet that included walking, dancing, sitting.

by Heidi Bridges on 05/23/2019

I’m quite impressed with these shoes! Comfier than I expected

by Kelly Jo on 05/23/2019

These shoes fit perfectly! They look great on, too!

by Aimee on 05/23/2019

I absolutely love these shoes!!! They fit perfectly and are sooo comfortable.

by AR Thompson on 05/23/2019

They are the perfect height and comfort for my slightly wider than average foot.

by Emily Hart on 05/23/2019

Perfect shoes. I am a size 9, and ordered a 9. They fit perfectly. I would buy these again in a heartbeat and highly recommend them.

by Karen J. on 05/23/2019

These shoes did not disappoint. They fit perfectly.

by Jen PA-C on 05/23/2019

These shoes are the bomb!!! Love, love, love them.

by Esther on 05/23/2019

As with any high heels I buy, I put gel inserts in them, so they were comfortable for me to wear to a company party for hours. I wore them with a solid color dress and it was perfectly unique.

by Lora on 05/23/2019

I've used this shoes several times now for different events. They are surprisingly comfortable. Yes, after several hours your feet will be tired, but I've walked and danced in them so several hours of fun are worth the tired feet.

by Anna on 05/23/2019

Wow! Are these every some pretty shoes. I have a wide foot and they are a little tight but I am keeping them anyway. I can't walk that far comfortably in high heels anyway but these are terrific. I plan to just put them on my feet and look at them :) Also seem very well made.

by Jazzi on 05/23/2019

These shoes are very sexy and pretty:) I had to size up from an 8 to a 9. The 9 fits nicely, but if there had been an 8 1/2 I would have tried those before the 9.

by Paula Amble on 05/23/2019

I Love these shoes!! They are so cute on and wonderfully comfortable.

by Mistress Elliot on 05/23/2019

You don't want to walk a 5K in these beauties but you can spend an evening out in them and still be able to walk the next day without regret.

by C. Pettey on 05/23/2019

These are by far the cutest shoes I've ever owned. I wore them to an event and got tons of compliments.

by PMAC on 05/23/2019

I Luv these heels!!! {HAND OVER MY HEART!} I immediately slipped my foot in and WOW they are smooth as butter!! I'm serious ladies don't hesitate to buy!

by Rebeca on 05/23/2019

Omg! I would rate it 100!!! I love it i just got it. And right away i wanted to see how beautiful they are! Gorgeous! Worth the money!!!!

by RLhiva on 05/23/2019

This shoe is AMAZING! I wear a 6.5 shoe, sometimes 7. The perfect fit for me is a 6.5 wide

by Khrystie on 05/23/2019

Very comfortable!

by Angielou on 05/23/2019

These shoes are absolutely gorgeous!!! They are so comfortable. Also they are true to size; however, I bought them in a half size up and they are still perfect

by Sarah on 05/23/2019

These high heels are absolutely stunning! Very sexy. Incredibly easy to walk in. Well made.

by catnip on 05/23/2019

so far so good...they are still holding up...when i first seen these shoes i was worried they would break after some use...in all fairness to the shoes-I am not light-weighted or petite(and im not tellin ya how much i weigh...lol)...but the shoes held up nicely...and they are pretty...

by Qupcake on 05/23/2019

These are probably the most comfortable heels that I own.

by Jazz's Mommy on 05/23/2019

I was somewhat skeptical about ordering these shoes; I've never ordered shoes online. But seeing them online does not do them any justice. These shoes are absolutely adorable.

by HrnyhairyTop on 05/23/2019

My new favorite shoes! How did I live life without these?! And talk about comfortable! No one in the history of the world has ever said wearing high heels is a comfortable endeavor, but these shoes are an exception!

by Cee Toros on 05/23/2019

OMG the 5 star reviews are spot on. I hesitated to order these shoes but am so happy I finally did. They are darling and super comfortable!! SERIOUSLY comfortable.

by Mama Bear on 05/23/2019

These shoes are cute & comfy!

by S. Thorne on 05/23/2019

Lovely. I wear a size 10 usually, but you know how different shoe companies make different sizes, so I can go from a 9.5 to 11 depending. I ordered a 10 and they're Perfect.

by Elle F. on 05/23/2019

These are so soft and comfortable and just totally adorable!! I am usually an 8-1/2 so I was concerned, but I ordered an 8 and they fit perfectly!! I don't want to take them off!

by BookLover on 05/23/2019

So much better in person. These are so soft and comfortable and just totally adorable!!

by Leire on 05/23/2019

What monica said about getting a half size smaller being that your foot slides forward more leaving more space in the back, is totally true! I love them though. Perfect for dates or work. Too high for walking for long periods.

by Mar-Bar on 05/22/2019

These shoes are gorgeous and fit my size 7, wide feet very well.

by Lisa on 05/22/2019

I love these shoes, cute and sexy with a reasonable heel.

by Che-Che on 05/22/2019

Good quality and inexpensive shoes! I like it!

by cori416 on 05/22/2019

This shoes are precious.

by Ashley Viner on 05/22/2019

very comfortable but haven’t worn them out of the house to know about all day.

by Leah on 05/22/2019

Love these boots! Pretty and classy.

by Moosegirl67 on 05/21/2019

Not only are these shoes totally adorable, they are extremely comfortable even after hours of wear.

by Angela Sonntag on 05/21/2019

The shoes are more comfortable than I was expecting. They are super cute and I get compliments every time I wear them.

by Anna on 05/21/2019

So cute, funny, and so-o comfortable! I decided to go half size up - just in case, and it fits perfectly!

by Colleen Sinclair on 05/21/2019

Oh my goodness I LOVE these sandals. My feet look amazing. They are comfortable to walk in

by Rosemary Jones Glover on 05/21/2019

I love this beautiful pair of shoes !! Great color, with a great fit with a great look.

by catgirl on 05/21/2019

These are the cutest shoes!! And they were very comfortable for almost 5 hours and even then only my right foot was somewhat uncomfortable and that was my foot which I had slightly injured a week or so before wearing these.

by Inga on 05/21/2019

Good quality. The heel isn’t flimsy. I wear a US 8, normal width. I ordered an 8 and they fit great.

by Fay on 05/21/2019

I love the look of these shoes

by Kim on 05/21/2019

I absolutely love this shoe. Its very comfortable and looks like the picture.

by Pyhilis on 05/21/2019

Very comfortable, easy to walk in. Much easier than most heels.

by Deanme on 05/21/2019

Love these heels ! They are comfortable and very stylish and I plan to buy them in other colors

by Sandra on 05/21/2019

I give them a 5-star rating because they are the first pair of shoes I’ve found in a long time that is wide enough to fit around my bunion.

by Rush on 05/21/2019

they were perfect and well made.

by Cone on 05/21/2019

Great looking shoe. Comfortable to wear and easy to walk in.

by Bartina on 05/21/2019

Must buy. I can't believe how incredibly comfortable these are.

by Obie on 05/21/2019


by Latasha on 05/21/2019

This heels are beautiful for the office.

by Amad on 05/21/2019

The heel is a perfect height for work.

by Barns on 05/21/2019

Look exactly like to the picture, fit perfect

by Sarha on 05/21/2019

They are great for an everyday to work pair.

by Anderina on 05/21/2019

I really liked these shoes. It's the 3rd time I buy these.

by Cathy on 05/21/2019

they are true to size.Very beautiful!!

by Grace on 05/21/2019

they're quite comfortable and good quality for the price

by MG on 05/21/2019

High quality for the price.

by Bones on 05/21/2019

The color and fit it great! I usually wear a size 9, and this size 9 fit perfect.

by Stephane on 05/21/2019

I have gotten so many compliments on these heels!

by Wright on 05/21/2019

I think I will purchase some more colors.

by Taneka on 05/21/2019

Super cute and good quality. I ordered my regular size

by Alex P on 05/21/2019

I loved these heels!

by Small Rock on 05/21/2019

I was a bit skeptical buying shoes online as I have wide feet but the heels came and they were awesome.

by Luken on 05/21/2019

Exactly the look I wanted and shoes look just like the picture.

by Lola on 05/21/2019

The shoe seems pretty well made - good for the price.

by Les on 05/21/2019

Loved the look and color.

by Manson on 05/21/2019

They fit perfectly and as expected.

by Negret on 05/21/2019

Love these shoes, they’re fairly inexpensive, and i go through them fast, because I wear them every single day.

by Heather on 05/21/2019

Love the quality and the fit.

by Raechel on 05/21/2019

i got TONS of compliments on them, so really these are now my favorite pair of heels.

by Lisa LD on 05/21/2019

They are super gorgeous !

by Julie on 05/21/2019

I'll start with the good stuff. The shoes were beautiful, the color was as pictured, and my legs look amazing with the heel.

by Eden on 05/21/2019

I wore them for the first time last night to have drinks with friends.

FSJ is ranked 4.85 out of 5. Based on 9882 user reviews.