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FSJ Shoes Store Reviews

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. Based on 12170 Reviews

by shoe lover on 09/22/2021

Just a great pair of shoes. Thanks again

by Jay on 09/13/2021

Boots fit and made perfectly, good quality. I wear them with my tight skinny jeans with no problems. Shipping was no issue got it on time.

by shoe lover on 09/12/2021

Perfect in every way, I would recommend these as a go to shoe. Thanks again to FSJ Team.

by shoe lover on 09/12/2021

I could not believe my eyes, perfect in EVERY way. i will enjoy these for years to come. Thank You FSJ Team.

by shoe lover on 09/12/2021

It's shoes like this that brings me back to buying more from FSJ Shoes. I am hoping that the photo will say it for I am loss for words. I put them on and didn't want to take them off. Thank you, Thank you........

by shoe lover on 09/12/2021

Great remake of a popular shoe. Very comfortable as well. Sure to catch a eye. Thanks again for your great service

by shoe lover on 09/12/2021

Words can not express my gratitude, i could start with happy, happy, happy, or you could just visually examine the photo. Perfect in every way. A big shoot out to FSJ team with thanks.

by shoe lover on 09/12/2021

The picture says it all. So glad to have shoes that fit so well and will show off all the features captured in this reproduction. Thanks' again

by shoe lover on 09/12/2021

More than a five! I just these shoes. Thank you FSJ team for all you do.

by shoe lover on 09/12/2021

These shoes are very comfortable and look great. I only wish the block heel were made a bit bigger.

by shoe lover on 09/12/2021

Just couldn't wait to put these on! They fit perfect and are so so comfortable. Thank you, thank you, I am so appreciated of your services.

by shoe lover on 09/12/2021

Thank you FSJ team for once again making such beautiful shoes. The extra heel height just makes the statement.

by Caylin on 09/04/2021

Mine arrived with the bottom straps not matching on each shoe. The right shoe’s straps were cone spikes, pyramid studs, cone spikes, but the left shoe’s straps were cone spikes, cone spikes, pyramid studs. The straps are made into the shoe so you can’t switch them. The design on the platform also is a print, not studs or anything like that. Overall I think they’re worth it, I’m just a bit OCD about the straps. It’s definitely better than shelling out $3,000 for a pair of Chrissy Lou’s.

by Aniko on 08/14/2021

The EU size on the size chart is inaccurate, I'm EU 44.5, but the originally ordered shoe (US 14.5) was about 1-2 sizes larger. However, the customer support was very kind, they remade the shoe in US 13, and I only had to pay the extra shipping cost. By the way, the shoes are very nice and well made, the heels are a little bit shorter than in the images, but besides that looks exactly like the pictures. Love them, thanks!

by Disappointed on 07/23/2021

Beautiful shoe, but it fits like a vise. It took a month for the footwear to arrive. Fits smaller than advertised, especially in the toe box.

by Wannacanhaveit on 06/18/2021

I'm giving 2 stars because they are quality shoes, however I am super unhappy and the customer service is not great. I had several conflicting responses from them. Wish I has ordered via Amazon because then I could at least return them and they were like $50 cheaper. The heel looks in the photos as a contrasting metallic, and the ones I received are glitter. It changes the whole shoe.

by Mickey on 06/08/2021

Fabulous shoes. My first pair of wedges and I love them. They go with so many outfits and are so versatile. I have added more pairs to my wish list for further purchases.

by Ketevan on 06/03/2021

The shoes are perfect. High quality and it's true to size. I recommend.

by Keti on 06/02/2021

The shoes are perfect. I am a new user of this site and I am really excited about the quality, size of the shoe. It fits perfectly. I recommend it.

by Guts on 06/01/2021

Very sexy

by Eddie on 06/01/2021

My gf loves these

by Guts on 06/01/2021

Elegant, sexy, and delicious. I love these

by SEXY GRACE on 05/25/2021

Great wedges goes with jeans,skirts,and summer dresses. Will get alot of wear with them.

by SEXY GRACE on 05/25/2021

Loved the look.Wore with my red leather mini skirt,red seamed nude nylons,red 8 strap garterbelt.Got lot of compliments.

by Whina on 05/24/2021

Nice boots but the heel is way too high for me. Beware... they are 4" heels.

by Ali on 05/21/2021

I got a lot of compliments when I wore them!

by Trop on 05/18/2021

I got so many compliments in these

by Trop on 05/18/2021

I love my shoes but I ordered the wrong size twice...

by VideoGamePhenom on 05/15/2021

Overall, these are excellent sandals, perfect for all ages. It may not be recommended for everyday use, but it would be perfect for certain events, such as weddings, dances, proms, and graduation. There is just one drawback. Having a single color of white seems linear and sparse. If this sandal could use many more colors than just white, it would be popular for the whole world. Pros: - Great quality build - Perfect for school teachers, graduates, and wedding attendees - Custom leather footbed provides great comfort, no matter how long its bearer stands - Somewhat comparable to the 2011 Dream Out Loud Zahara Floral Sandals, but with a more mature look Cons: - A little overpriced - No other color than white - If this sandal had way more colors, it would boom in sales big time

by Onyx on 05/07/2021

Definitely not the same material or quality of the ones pictured, however they are very comfortable and still cute. Size 8.5, true to size

by Ali on 05/07/2021

ABSOLUTELY STUNTING!! Very comfortable, fit perfectly, and look amazing!!

by Ali on 05/07/2021

I ordered these shoes, they came but they’re a little too big, I just usually get a 6 in open toe, but I should’ve gotten a 5-1/2

by FLII 1 on 04/29/2021

I love them and I'm waiting for my other pair to come!

by Raul Bila on 04/16/2021

They look approximately like in the photos I've provided to them, but I appreciate their willing to produce them in such short time. They are well build and sewed and the leather is qualitative. I hope that they will make next pairs look like in the photos

by Tom on 04/13/2021

My wife just adores these heels and they look fantastic. She wears a size 8 1/2 and they fit perfectly. Highly recommend them.

by Shoe lover on 04/12/2021

My shoes just came in, oh my they are beautiful. I tried them on and they fit perfectly and are easy to walk in. i will post pictures latter. All i can say is Thank you once again.

by Beyondrepair209 on 04/12/2021

I love these shoes...they came way earlier than expected and they are surprisingly comfortable. So sexy....love them!

by Amy on 04/09/2021

My daughter loved them...Showed up on time & they fit!!!

by Shoe Lover on 04/02/2021

Love these shoes, these fit and feel great.

by Jewell on 03/31/2021

Super cute and comfortable. Great for work and church.

by Tonya on 03/31/2021

They are so very comfortable, I can wear all day and then go out and dance the night away and never have any foot pain. Also very sexy.

by Cat D on 03/31/2021

I love these shoes. They are so cute for any outfit, causal or dressy, and so comfortable. I feel like I walk lighter in these shoes. Ordinarily I don't wear shoes with heels but this shoe causes no distress on my feet at all. Highly recommend for style and comfort.

by Josephine on 03/31/2021

Very comfortable and my daughter used for her modelling

by Monika on 03/31/2021

She love them so classy

by K Lashun on 03/31/2021

I absolutely love everything about this shoe. The style, color, everything about this shoe was great.

by Radonda on 03/31/2021

These were perfect for the dress I had on. Not too high of a heal just right

by Pania_Puddin on 03/31/2021

I received many compliments. They’re showstoppers!

by SAW on 03/26/2021

This is a great shoe, fit very comfortably, sized correctly. Great price. Will definitely purchase from this company again.

by Keshia on 03/26/2021

The shoe is stunning.. it’s comfortable also.. just be patient putting them on.. sexiest shoe I own for the most reasonable price

by Amaraporn on 03/19/2021

Fit perfectly and very comfortable. Looks great with jeans or black leggings.

by Whitney on 03/19/2021

these are about the only heels and wedges I can wear and loterally run in. I love them.

by Aza on 03/19/2021

It’s a comfortable and classic looking shoe. There are times when I just want to be comfortable without losing my classic style. I’d that’s your style, then you’ll love it.

by Bianca on 03/19/2021

I love it. It fit perfect. I wear a size 10 and ordered a sizec10. It was a perfect fit. They are very comfortable.

by Janelle S on 03/19/2021

I got these shoes for my wedding. They were perfect! Really good quality, well made, beautiful, and comfortable. True to size. Wore these all night of my wedding and still wear them from time to time with outfits.

by Esmeralda on 03/19/2021

love love love these shoes. very comfortable great quality the wait was worth it!

by Guts on 03/18/2021

Love these! Super sexy and well made.

by Specialbeauty07 on 03/18/2021

Absolutely love it. Comfy, elegant, stylish, these ones matches my skin color. I am thinking to buy another pair for when these need replacement.

by peace on 03/18/2021

My best shoes ever ,everyone can walk on them ,not too low nor too long OMG comfortable, great buy ,thanks to the seller. Highly recommended.

by Lolita on 03/16/2021

Love them and comfortable for my flat feet. My walk is without hesitation. I helped pack and clean up tables from our regional meeting in these shoes. I will keep you updated on these little show stoppers.

by Me on 03/16/2021

I love these shoes. They are true to size! I wear a size 5 and bought a size 5. Perfect! They are beautiful, comfortable, and made of great material. The color is so nice... just the right red!

by D. Luna on 03/16/2021

I have been very pleased with these shoes. They are stylish and comfortable enough to be worn all day. Very happy with my purchase.

by 2Westies on 03/16/2021

very pretty confortable and arrived quickly would recommande this seller

by Mel on 03/16/2021

These are tru to size. Super sexy and comfy

by S. Fields on 03/16/2021

These are perfect! The heels are high, but I love them! The seller worked with me to get them earlier. I cant wait for my photshoot!

by Sydnee on 03/16/2021

I cannot love these enough!! They are perfect! I have a wide foot & it is so hard to find a cute heel that works with wide feet, but this one does!

by KS on 03/11/2021

I normally can’t wear heels or high wedges but these sandals are the exception. They are incredibly comfortable and cushiony. They don’t cause the crazy pain that I would normally get wearing other sandals with this wedge height. These look great with jeans and a t shirt or a dress.

by Cassie on 03/11/2021

They fit great and looks exactly like the picture!!

by tammy on 03/10/2021

I love these high heel sandals. Perfect party shoes.

by S. Lewis on 03/09/2021

Fit true to size. Much better quality than I expected for the money. Great purchase!

by Connie on 03/09/2021

Very pretty.. very different

by QueenKong on 03/09/2021

i don't wear high heels much anymore, but these were so beautiful i had to get them. they have a good amount of padding and are very comfortable for the height! not to mention, they are super sexy and i wear them with both dresses as well as jeans. they are true to size and i would highly recommend them to my friends and family.

by Ronda on 03/06/2021

These shoes are flippn' GEORGOUS!!!! I am literally obsessed - if you are debating- my vote is BUY THE SHOES!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

by Loveeeee on 03/06/2021

So perfect! So cute!

by Tyler on 03/05/2021

Order true to size. Also I’ve probably walked 15km in these one pair of shoes and I’d say that they would do another lol

by Erika F on 03/04/2021

Great heel for work! The height is just right and the memory foam makes it that much more comfortable. This shoe is very versatile, can be dressed up for a night out or dressed down with a pair of jeans. This my new “go to” pump!

by Teresa on 03/04/2021

Love them...Comfortable looks Great.with Dresses and slacks. Has all the features that a Business shoe should have.

by Classic lyric on 03/01/2021

I fell in love with these shoes they are so cute and comfortable and true to size

by Mirabelle on 03/01/2021

I absolutely LOVE these heels!!!! There are so pretty and elegant, I never wanted to take them off. BUY THESE HEELS!

by shay on 02/26/2021

The shoe is easy to put on and take off I love the zipper in the back and it looks great!

by Kristen on 02/26/2021

Love these shoes! Bought them for graduation, which they were perfect for, and now use them as a wardrobe staple! They arrived quickly, go with everything, are comfortable and fit perfectly. Call me Cinderella cause the shoes fit!

FSJ is ranked 4.9 out of 5. Based on 12170 user reviews.