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FSJ Shoes Store Reviews

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. Based on 12778 Reviews

by Abby on 08/09/2020

Beautiful black patent high heel pump ! I wear these quite often at the office and to business conferences where I give financial presentations daily . Looks great with business suits and dresses ! Really comfortable for a 5 inch high heel . I've also worn these to meet & greet sessions at night after a long day of giving presentations with no problem ! Perfect high heel for office wear !

by Abby on 08/09/2020

Have had these a few months . I reviewed a high heel pump recently that I wear at our office with business skirt suits ! 5 inch high heels are mandatory . Our office manager actually has a random dress code inspection at times . If she finds a dress code violation , she awards us with demerits . 3 demerits within a month , we forfeit our casual Friday! We have to wear 5 inch high heels on casual Friday , but we can pair them with dressy capris or a simple skirt . These are super cute and the slight platform make them really comfy for a 10 hr. day . Welcome relief from the skirt business suits and 5 inch pumps . FSJ high heels are great for my strict office dress code!! Thanks !!!

by Alan Karp on 08/05/2020

Fabulous heels! I just got these I love them.

by Tim on 08/05/2020

Love these shoes, as an alternative heel. I'm a high heel collector, so I have a pair.

by Minda Ann Smith on 08/05/2020

Theses shoes are really nice and sexy, but the strap heels don’t hold on my ankles.

by brandi on 08/05/2020

These shoes are so so cute!! & they even provided their own little bags they came in & these gel inserts which feel amazing! I would definitely recommend!

by Mimi on 08/05/2020

I love these heels! This style is trending and I love the chunky heel look. The neutral color fits with so many outfits, both daily wear with jeans and for special occasions. The straps are easily adjustable and comfortable. The low heel adds a little bit of height without the uncomfortable foot position of higher heels. They fit as expected and they are comfy to wear all day. The price is on point with similar products.

by Tiana W on 08/05/2020

Fits perfect,very comfortable and colors are perfect. No complaints happy. If your a heel person as I wear everyday then you will appreciate this sandal.

by Shelly Harris on 08/05/2020

I absolutely LOVE them! The colors are AMAZING! Surprisingly great customer service!

by Rachel Porter on 08/05/2020

These shoes are so cute!! Unfortunately, my feet were a bit too wide, so I had to return them. My foot fit in the straps, so the length seemed true to size, but there was just too much overhanging hobbit-foot action going on at the sole. When you have wide feet, you take a risk with a strappy heel, and this one sadly didn't workout. The quality seemed good, but I didn't wear them out so I'm not sure how they hold up long-term. If you wear narrow to standard widths, you'll likely have luck with this shoe.

by Be kind on 08/05/2020

Very good product loved it..color is great.. seems well built I will be buying from this company again ☺

by ALEJANDRA on 08/05/2020

Elegant and comfy!Perfect size!!Fits very well!!

by Marla Brown on 08/05/2020

What a shoe!!! It looks even better in person! This shoe is an absolute show stopper. The quality and detail exceeded my expectations. Thank you!!!!

by Jeanette Segal on 08/05/2020

I am very happy with my shoes. Worn them a few times now, they hold up well and I like the way my feet look in them. Pretty good on delivery. Due to a severe ankle injury I can't wear the high heel I once did, but these are comfortable and more elegant than flats I plan on ordering another pair

by Catherine on 08/05/2020

Nice shoes at a reasonable price. The shoe fit favors a thinner foot.

by Sandy on 08/05/2020

I absolutely love these shoes! Feels great ,very feminine &sexy! Love the color, well worth the money!!!

by Caprice on 08/05/2020

These shoes are absolutely adorable. FSJ has great shoes and products. I've bought two other pair from them to date. Still waiting on my last pair. These fit a little smaller than my first pair in comparison. While I do have chunky feet, these shoes still have enough room for me to feel comfortable in. I love them. And when you buy their shoes they give you a pretty FREE rose. Thanks Funny!

by Esmeralda Ramirez on 08/05/2020

love love love these shoes. very comfortable great quality the wait was worth it!

by K. Mack on 08/05/2020

Beautiful shoes but please be mindful that they are very high, (about 5 inches) skinny heels!

by Hui Bougis on 08/05/2020

I love the shoes that I ordered. I shouldn't order bigger size. For my recognized, this brand is just like what I usually bought at the stores, same size. So I do not recommend you to buy bigger size . I just ordered another pair with my real size . And they are very comfortable. If you always wear high hills, I highly recommend to buy these shoes, pretty, comfy, and sexy. By the way, they are called high hills, remember, high, 12.5 cm. Just so let you know....

by Nicole on 08/05/2020

beautiful heel but the sides are quite low & rub on the side of the foots alot. fits a little big so I had to put in a heel insert so my foot stayed inside the shoe.

by Alice on 08/05/2020

Shoe is gorgeous. Fits as expected. I have been looking for a shoe like this for 5 years, but they were either too expensive or heel was too high. I'm very happy I finally I could add this shoe to my collection. Heel is 3 1/2 inches high and looks exactly as pictured.

by Radna on 08/04/2020

I love this sandals. At first, they are comfortable. Aesthetics are also important for me, so when I choosing shoes I pay attention to workmanship, materials and design. These sandals are made of quality materials and are very elegant. Usually I wear it with long skirt, jeans and shorts. I recommend it.

by TXMOM on 07/29/2020

Not as described! These are not tan. They are orange with a brown stain over them, including the laces. They fit and shipping was faster than expected.

by Shoe Lover on 07/17/2020

Wow, Once again you hit it. Thank you for creating such beautiful and comfortable shoes

by Dian on 07/14/2020

Glamorous! If you want to get noticed .

by Vincent on 07/14/2020

These are the first heels I have had made here, I am still impressed with how a nice turned out. I've gotten many compliments I would definitely recommend.

by Nicki on 07/13/2020

FSJ has impressed me. I'll admit i was wrong about them when my first order of a different pair was delayed due to the pandemic. I lost my patience and lacked understanding at the time, I let stress get to me and after a sour exchange with customer support the order was cancelled and refunded very quickly. I was an absolute rude and demanding customer, but the rep never lost their professionalism, the refund was issued, and had it not been for how the rep handled my temper tantrum i may not have tried again. But, because of that i decided to try again, and i couldn't be more pleased. These oxfords i decided on are wonderful, and i had them in my hands faster than i expected, i believe it was within 10 days. they look just exactly as pictured. awesome! the fit is as expected, and the quality so far has me impressed enough to try another style. I can see myself buying quite a few shoes from FSJ if the next pair is equally well made. And i'll be adding good reviews around the web wherever i can to make up for my disrespectful exchange with customer service, and because these may be one of the nicest pairs of heels i've ever owned.

by Habeeba on 07/10/2020

I loved this style... Especialy in skin, apricot, pink and in red colour

by Tiff on 07/08/2020

The wedge heel is pretty high but the quality is EXCELLENT!!

by Sweet Briana on 07/01/2020

One of my fave shoes ordered thus far.

by Sweet Briana on 07/01/2020

They arrived in about 3 weeks. Very fast. The fit is perfect. I did pay for extra-width and gave them the measurement in millimeters. The shoes are sturdy, they feel wonderful, and everyone loves them. My 2nd set of shoes from here and I am looking for summer sandal and winter house shoe.

by Alyssa Leather on 06/15/2020

Super cute and very comfortable. They are much higher than they appear in the pics.

by Vi on 05/28/2020

This pair is beautiful... I will say the color is lighter than the picture, but be not deterred by such a tiny detail. These summer boots are a winner. They create locked eyes on your shoes everywhere you go; to the point you can see the plotting against you in effect. ^ _^) . But on a serious note, the boots are beautiful, comfortable, dynamic, and easy to walk in. I have longer toes and these shoes compliment any foot and any fashion style you create. I'm tall and curvy and these shoes are fun to wear.

by Tatum on 05/27/2020

Happy customer here in Colorado, USA. I have a wider foot so it was important have a customized pair which FSJ offers. In this case a substantial width of 110 mm vs. the standard 80 mm for size 13. This was my first time ordering a product from another country, so I was not sure what I would receive or when I would receive it. Per the website there is more time involved in a purchase, production and receipt of the product when ordering from another country, and in this case a country half way round the world. I ordered April 23, received email confirmation of order, and then on May 6th received a text from DHL with anticipated delivery May 15. They were delivered May 8. I opened the box - each boot covered individually and with a styrofoam arch insert. My Tan Suede chunky mid-calf boots were here. There was an odor of unknown origin (glue perhaps? - mentioned in another review) so I was prepared. I took them out of the box and left them in my garage and outside a bit for 24 hours. Over that time the odor completely disappeared. I measured the boot and it was the width specified in size 13. I tried them on - had not had boots in some time - and gently guided my right foot in. Great fit! Then the left foot (I think my left is slightly bigger than the right) I had to use a little more wiggle but on it went. I stood up and wore them for the next 5-6 hours to start breaking them in. They look just like the photo presented, down the stitch pattern. These will add a lot of versatility to my wardrobe. So happy I ordered custom and that FSJ was able to deliver - worth the wait for me. Thank you FSJ!

by Lisa on 05/26/2020

I ordered these February 2nd 2020 now don’t get me wrong I am aware that we are in a pandemic and I live in Pittsburgh so I did expect some delays however I didn’t receive my heels until May 26th 2020 after I reported fraud and demanded my refund.. the heels are cute fit perfectly and mind blowing.. we’re they worth the wait

by Abby on 05/24/2020

Very comfortable ! My office has a strict high heel dress code + skirt business suits . I walk and stand 80% of our 10 hr day . Of course I'm ready to slip them off at the end of the day but that can be said for any 5 inch high heel ! Highly recommend for a professional office .

by Coach4lyfe on 05/16/2020

These look perfect, ive wanted a pair like this forever but could never find my size. Can they be made in cobalt blue suede like material?

by Mike on 05/15/2020

Gorgeous espadrilles with a really tall wedge heel. True to size (US11) and perfect fit with a delicious height for high heels lovers. Very pleased of my third pair of FSJ high heels. Actually more white than ivory.

by William on 05/12/2020

Just got them today and was not disappointed. The fit is perfect, the heel is perfect, the stability is perfect. The image of the boot on the web page does not do the boot justice. A gorgeous boot and at a great price. FSJ has done it again. Thank you FSJ.

by Tiresias on 05/08/2020

elegant and so beautiful with all outfits. Tricky for walking, but exciting. I can't wait to wear them in summer...

by JD FLORIDA on 05/01/2020


by X on 04/30/2020

The toe isn't as pointed in the picture which make the shoe less chic looking.

by dorisa on 04/29/2020

Just received these and they are gorgeous, even nicer than the picture. I normally take a 9.5/10 regular and 9.5 W works perfectly. Can't wait to wear these!

by Sandy on 04/29/2020

I love the fit of these sandals. This is my second pair and I am sure I will be buying another.

by LivLuvNLaff on 04/29/2020

LOVE THEM! Very stylish & versatile. I will be able to wear these over and over again!

by MM on 04/29/2020

Very pretty pumps and very comfortable.Otherwise the foot is comfortable and I am sure I could have wore it a lot longer . This will go with many outfits and events. The heel height is nice and comfortable as well.

by Shell on 04/29/2020

Awesome. Can dress it up or down. VERY comfy and elegant for every age. Nice heel w/out looking like an old lady shoe

by M. Jenkins on 04/29/2020

I truly love them and wore them to a dinner dance recently. I would have given this product 5 stars.

by Kelly on 04/29/2020

I think I'm on my third pair of these. I can stand for hours in these and walk easily without wanting to cry. Highly recommend these.

by KCMO on 04/29/2020

What a gorgeous pair of heels! The leather is soft and smells fantastic. I can't believe how affordable they are on website. I think the heel is taller than what I usually wear, therefore I'll probably have to get some sort of insole for long time wear. But if you're used to wearing high heels, you'll be fine. You'll even think these are among the most comfortable pumps you've ever worn. I'm awfully pleased with this purchase.

by claire Buchanan on 04/29/2020

The blue one really upgrades any basic outfit. Got lots of compliments, . The ankle strap was really helpful.Thank you.

by Kimberly Jo on 04/29/2020

Fits perfectl, im in love with this high heels,very comfortable. I bought the blue one, it's beautiful.

by M. Ogorek on 04/29/2020

Really nice sandals! Will buy more at FSJ

by Tatawaters on 04/29/2020

It was a fashionable boots. It fit as the brand would.

by Aunt Laura on 04/29/2020

Beautiful color and fit. Everyone complimented on how beautiful the shoe was.

by Lydia on 04/29/2020

These are my new favorite black pumps. I wear them for 8+ hours working with no complaints. they do run a little big.. I have them in purple and they fit the same way. will be looking for other colors as well. heel height is manageable if your used to wearing heels.

by Sparkle on 04/29/2020

Ordered a neon yellow size 8. For me it fit true to size. Comfortable for the most part. Overall I'm happy.

by TB0209 on 04/28/2020

The color is true to the picture, a beautiful, vibrant color . I have wide feet so I like to go a half size up so it won't hurt and these fit amazingly well. Just as expected. Love them.

by yvi gurl on 04/28/2020

Run to get these! I work as a financial advisor so I wear these all day long and they are great. I’ve been looking for comfy pumps for two years and read a review that these were it. I have wider feet so at the end of the day my toes usually are always hurting no matter what i did or wore. With these i haven’t experienced that yet. I bought the black and i am so happy and excited. My new go to pump !

by M.R. on 04/28/2020

They are gorgeous and I'm keeping them. I would probably buy every shoe this guy makes!

by Jennifer Jenson on 04/28/2020

These blue pumps are BEAUTIFUL. And the color is sooo pretty...bright and subtle at the same time. They were a bit tight to slip on, but that must be the cut because once on, they immediately fit perfectly, comfortable and true to size.Love love love!

by Bella on 04/28/2020

Well, I have to honestly say that it was the best decision. I could wear these nude ankle straps all day and night.

by Fitch Ledbetter on 04/28/2020

These are probably the most comfortable heels I have ever worn. Not only is the leather supple, but the heel height is perfect . I will be buying lots of FSJ shoes from now on!!!

by QueenKong on 04/28/2020

i don't wear high heels much anymore, but these were so beautiful i had to get them. not to mention, they are super sexy and i wear them with both dresses as well as jeans. they are true to size and i would highly recommend them to my friends and family.

by J. Rolland on 04/28/2020

The pumps were very comfortable! I have wide feet, so I did have to break them in over a couple of days before the big event, but if I had a narrower foot, these would've been great right out of the box! The heel was perfect and walking was easy, even on grass. The leather is super soft.

by Amaraporn Punjuban on 04/28/2020

Fit perfectly and very comfortable. Looks great with jeans or black leggings.

by Danelle Buckler on 04/28/2020

These mules are well made and very comfortable, with great arch support. I wear 8.5 and these shoes fit as expected. I own a lot of FSJ shoes, but I didn't have anything in this color. I think it's a perfect color for transitioning into summer. I wear them with jeans, both straight leg and baby bell bottoms, as well as dresses. Black, white, blues jeans alike. They look great with everything.

by Rita Love on 04/28/2020

Cowgirl boots never goes out of style and FSJ made a classic shoe w/excellent fabric, color, and style! Once stretched, I and walk in these girls all day long with no problems. Plus, they make nearly any outfit look polished!

by Georgie Girl on 04/28/2020

They’re classic, high quality, and comfortable enough to wear for a full day or night without issue. Recommended.

by S. Lonni on 04/28/2020

Well. I thought gladiator heels were beautiful and well made, fit perfectly, everyone who sees them says I should keep them

by Alexandra Cruz on 04/28/2020

Beautiful and surprisingly comfortable high heels! I usually wear an 8 but due to pointed toes usually fitting a bit bigger, I kept the 7.5 in these. They did require some stretching and I think an 8 could have been a good fit with heel pads but it’s hard to know! I get many compliments on these and can wear them longer than expected considering the height and toe point!

by Alexandra Cruz on 04/28/2020

Also super comfy, I’m a 5th grade teacher and to stretch them I wore them all day at work. Totally comfortable.

by Stacy on 04/28/2020

These boots are adorable!! They took exactly a month to get here which was fine cause I can’t wear them anyways and a plus I didn’t expect they sent me 10 face masks for free how sweet !

by Sharon on 04/27/2020

BUY IT NOW LADIES....Thanks FSJ for making beautiful,comforable affortable shoes high heels.These shoes are super comfortable,I walk around all night in them.Got a lot of compliments.Trust me ladies you need these.

by Superladyfirefly on 04/27/2020

This is my second pair as my last pair were ready to retire after many, many wears! . May take a day or two to stretch out and then you will be good to go! These are the perfect stiletto heels and go with everything!

by Meg828 on 04/27/2020

I have bunions and its so dificult to find comfort heels, the first time i see it scared me a little because they look so HIGH, but i used it an entire day and they were very comfy, truly high recomended

by norma on 04/27/2020

Can not believe the quality of this platform sandals. Of course, the sandals are well made!! I will be buying a lot of FSJ shoes!!

by sasha on 04/27/2020

I took a chance and went with my regular size (7) and they fit perfectly!! I am so glad! Theyheels themselves are beautiful, look muuuch more expensive than they are and they are incredibly comfy! Okay, they are not sneakers comfy but for a pair of high heels they are exceptionally comfortable! Love these!

by pj001 on 04/27/2020

Perfect FSJ pumps. I really cant say more. Her shoes never disappoint. I own a dozen at least. Love her brand and LOVE these shoes!

FSJ is ranked 4.9 out of 5. Based on 12778 user reviews.