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FSJ Shoes Store Reviews

Rated 4.85 out of 5 stars. Based on 11135 Reviews

by yl on 09/11/2019


by Chava Green on 09/11/2019

I love everthing red!

by Britt on 09/11/2019

They are so stylish!!!

by Lopay on 09/11/2019

These are so cool!

by Ohmygaga on 09/10/2019

With no doubt, these are the best!!!!

by B. Nicole on 09/10/2019

DEfinitely wonderful!!!!! SOOOOO GREAT!!!

by debora nicosia on 09/10/2019

These are so adorable!!!!! I love these!

by A.L. on 09/10/2019

It's perfect for my offfice style.

by Anonymous on 09/09/2019

Beautiful and comfortable ♥️

by ls on 09/09/2019

This is a stylish well made ankle boot.

by Carlos Rodriguez on 09/09/2019

I love these shoes so much! They are so comfortable and so cute.

by Dusty on 09/09/2019

These are great pumps!! are they the MOST comfortable ever

by Donnie on 09/09/2019

These are really cute shoes. I get complements whenever I wear them.

by Carmen Herrera on 09/09/2019

I love love love this heels, they are just perfect.

by Amber on 09/09/2019

I ordered an 8.5. I wear a 8-8.5 and they fit perfect.

by Lucy Caulton on 09/09/2019

I love these shoes! Very sturdy, well put together and cute, they fit well and are very quiet on tile

by kaitlyn on 09/09/2019

Absolutely love these beauties!

by kaitlyn on 09/09/2019

I wear these to work often, usually with a skirt/dress and black tights but they look great with pants bare legs as well.

by Stephanie Diaz on 09/09/2019

They look just like the pictures. Super cute. They look more expensive than they are. Well made, feel sturdy, true to size.

by LO on 09/09/2019

I never wear this high of a heel, but they're quite a bit more comfortable

by Tall Sissi on 09/09/2019

Very beautiful! Fit very well on my feet!

by Janelle on 09/06/2019

These are SOOOOOOO HOT!!!!

by B. Nicole on 09/06/2019

Stunning heels !

by Andrea on 09/06/2019

The best boots for this fall

by Vee on 09/05/2019

The shoes is a pretty red color. The shoe is lightweight and fits perfectly being that I have big feet. I am satisfied. My only issue is that it took a while for delivery.

by Amina on 09/05/2019

These are absolutely gorgeous in person. Just a little bit big

by Tempelrw on 09/05/2019

Beautiful shoes . Comfy padding inside. 3.75 in heel. Perfect!

by roadrunner on 09/05/2019

The moment I saw these shoes I fell in love with them and knew they would be perfect for the dress I bought for my son's wedding and they did not disappoint!!

by Jenny Liu on 09/05/2019

My new favorite classy heels! I'm so glad I splurged. It is comfortable even after wearing it for 5 hours.

by Ivy on 09/05/2019

Love them. Size 11 fits perfectly. Perfect for fall/winter wardrobe.

by Eva on 09/04/2019

I have few pairs in different colours and they are absolutely stunning. Fit perfectly well and are so comfortable. But I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed with this one because the colour of the one that I received today is completely different from the one shown on the picture. I understand that there might be slight difference in the colours but on this occasion the difference is quite significant.

by Vandas on 09/04/2019

I am spider man!!!

by gg on 09/04/2019

true to size!

by 123 on 09/04/2019


by Britt on 09/04/2019


by Gail Munnerlyn on 09/04/2019

I love these boots!

by Candy on 09/04/2019

Gorgeous heels, they are perfect!

by Bhavana on 09/02/2019

Beautiful and comfortable. Lets see how long it lasts

by MarineMom on 09/02/2019

Super comfy with nice thick padding so your feet won't hurt walking on hard surfaces.

by Wdwreads on 09/02/2019

I love these shoes. They look great dressed up or down

by Brownie on 09/02/2019

I’m so happy I took the leap and bought these shoes online since I don’t usually buy shoes online

by Fiddler on 09/02/2019

Oh my!!! I love love love these

by Tracy Tell It All on 09/02/2019


by A Lady on 09/02/2019

This is one of the most comfortable pair of shoes that I own.

by sa M. on 09/02/2019

This is the perfect work shoe. Good heel height, comfortable

by NorCalSteph on 09/02/2019

Very comfortable shoe and height, but still sexy.

by Annie on 09/02/2019

WOW! I have never wore heels this comfortable!

by Elsa on 09/02/2019

I absolutely love these shoes! They are SO comfortable but also so very stylish and sleek.

by QuintonDymke on 09/02/2019

These shoes are fantastic! They fit exactly as described

by Nicole on 09/02/2019

I’m a teacher, and I’m on feel all day. I love these shoes.

by Denise on 09/02/2019

Excellent choice for a fashion shoe. I wish they came in all colors.

by Cammile Sweet on 09/01/2019

Very nice shoe. It seems like the heel was at a slight angle. The fabric and fit are nice. I ordered by my US size and I am a size 5 . To me they run a size big. My next order will be a 4. I did a review on these shoes to show you what they look like and how they look on. Video URL https://youtu.be/lvgxaT3zapI

by ChicmamaSA on 08/31/2019

Love these shoes! Perfect fit and I can't wait to wear them again!!

by Katherine R. on 08/31/2019

Super cute shoes! Buying them in multiple colors.

by Peni V. on 08/31/2019

These shoes are very nice- of high quality and super cute! Can't beat the price, either.

by Azize on 08/31/2019

The shoes are so beautiful and super comfortable. I can walk with them and stand for hours.

by Heather on 08/31/2019

These high-heeled sandals exceeded all my expectations. They have so much bling and they are so comfortable

by Bigly on 08/31/2019

This is the sexiest sandal ever!

by TyRis Burks on 08/31/2019

I got soooo many compliments on these babies!

by Judy Blume on 08/31/2019

These shoes are everything you think they are!

by Lynnette Carter on 08/31/2019

These shoes are beautiful... I bought them in size 9, they fit pretty much true to size

by Elaine on 08/30/2019

Gorgeous! Pristine! Sublime! Love them! Cannot say enough about these works of art. I've gotten so many compliments! So well made and infinitely cute!

by Elaine on 08/30/2019

These hey hole platforms are a must have staple addition to every closet. The fit is perfect and the craftsman ship is superb!

by Elaine on 08/30/2019

So cute and comfortable! Love them! Well made!

by Elaine on 08/30/2019

These wedges fell butter soft. So stylish and well made!

by Elaine on 08/30/2019

Customized these stilettos in all patent. Well crafted pair fits perfectly. So chic!

by Blackbarbie on 08/30/2019

I ordered these shoes they are to small. These shoes run small and aren't true to size. They look well but unfortunately I bought them months ago and didn't try them on now when I am about to wear them for a big event im having to stretch the shoes to wear them. I actually bought 6 pairs of shoes in my size and they all are tight.I am in America.

by Mandy on 08/29/2019

Looks just like the picture. I can’t wait to wear them, i tryed them on and they feel comfortable. I purchased them for my birthday this month.

by Tessa Berry on 08/29/2019

I personally love these shoes and apparently SEVERAL other people in my office.

by gaby granados on 08/29/2019

They fit a bit big but thats because i went a size up. Will order more pairs!

by BahamaShopper on 08/29/2019

These were with the purchase. The comfort lasted longer than expected. I did allot of walking. They fit perfect.

by Hadassa on 08/29/2019

Love them! Not too high, comfortable and cute!

by KCJC on 08/29/2019

Seem well made and good quality. Very cute and flattering.

by NeryB on 08/29/2019

they are absolutely stunning

by K rad on 08/29/2019

The look and feel of the shoe is gorgeous.

by Gaia on 08/29/2019

They are worth the extra cash for the brand is well made, very fashion forward and fit well so you can wear them in comfort.

by Colleen on 08/29/2019

They are gorgeous, they fit beautifully.

by Boony on 08/29/2019

I received these shoes, love them! I received so many girl, where did you get those shoes.

by Gonzalez M on 08/29/2019

Love these!! I normaly wear an 10 and have a standard width foot. The fit is perfect and true to size. Look great dressed up and with jeans.

by Urenay on 08/29/2019

They are really pretty, and are really comfortable!

FSJ is ranked 4.85 out of 5. Based on 11135 user reviews.