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FSJ Shoes Store Reviews

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. Based on 12421 Reviews

by Classic lyric on 03/01/2021

I fell in love with these shoes they are so cute and comfortable and true to size

by Mirabelle on 03/01/2021

I absolutely LOVE these heels!!!! There are so pretty and elegant, I never wanted to take them off. BUY THESE HEELS!

by shay on 02/26/2021

The shoe is easy to put on and take off I love the zipper in the back and it looks great!

by Kristen on 02/26/2021

Love these shoes! Bought them for graduation, which they were perfect for, and now use them as a wardrobe staple! They arrived quickly, go with everything, are comfortable and fit perfectly. Call me Cinderella cause the shoes fit!

by Pen Name on 02/26/2021

Got these for the holidays and they are beautiful. There is unlimited potential with these heels. Cute with jeans, a nice dress pant or a dress. Happy with this purchase!

by Haidee on 02/26/2021

A must buy you won’t regret it. Comfortable look beautiful and look great with all Outfits.

by atrue on 02/26/2021

These shoes are my new fave! So dang cute and classy!

by Devon M. on 02/26/2021

This was such a great buy for me. The color is exactly what I wanted, and the fit is really great. I 100% recommend these heels.

by Christopher on 02/26/2021

You guys - these sandals are ADORABLE...but I cannot get over how comfortable they are!!! These days I am in sneakers working out, at work, etc so I don’t wear sandals/heels of any sort very often, but I feel like I could wear these ALL DAY and my feet would never hurt.

by Keshia on 02/26/2021

The shoe is stunning.. it’s comfortable also.. just be patient putting them on.. sexiest shoe I own for the most reasonable price

by Beyondrepair209 on 02/26/2021

I love these shoes...they came way earlier than expected and they are surprisingly comfortable. So sexy....love them!

by Nicole on 02/26/2021

Super comfy sandals ! I went 5 stores to look for this shoes and I didn’t find them turns out I searched on fsjshoes and it took me 15 minutes to find them !!! Loving them !! My size is 8.5

by AustinCano on 02/26/2021

Super soft sole! Fits great and comfy

by Zabala on 02/26/2021

Looked great with my toga outfit

by Honey on 02/25/2021

I chose the customization service and cut the heel height to 4 inches, it nice fit and easy to walk.

by WorkingGirl on 02/24/2021

The most stylish and comfortable wedges I’ve ever owned! I wear them all spring, summer & fall!

by L H Banes on 02/24/2021

Super cute! I received lots of compliments on these shoes. Wore them to a wedding from pictures to closing down the reception, they were comfortable the whole time.

by Lilian on 02/23/2021

Amazing!! I'm in Love with these shoes, I bought them for a cosplay and Im so I'm love with them they have become my favorite heals in and out of cosplay!

by buyer on 02/23/2021

too cute and comfy love this shoes

by Jennifer on 02/23/2021

Great shoes, go with everything. True to size!

by Dabee on 02/22/2021

I can't wear super high heels, so I customize the heel height, they fit perfectly!

by deedee47 on 02/22/2021

Gorgeous Shoe. Once again 81/2 fit Perfectly . Don't Hesitate you won't be sorry.

by Abby on 02/15/2021

Totally agree with Sara's review . So cute and still professional . I paired these with a short black wrap skirt , white boyfriend button shirt and sheer black hose for a business conference . I gave financial power point presentations an entire day while standing at a podium . So comfortable but I'm required to wear high heels everyday at our office . Thanks again FSJ for meeting my strict office dress code

by Abby on 02/15/2021

I have submitted reviews in the past on FSJ high heels that I wear for my strict office dress code . I have had these for some time and just now giving my review . As usual they are fantastic ! Super cute and comfy for my 10 hour day . As I've stated before , our office manager has random dress code inspections. If she finds a violation , ( wrinkled skirt , scuffed high heels , snagged hose , etc ) she awards demerits . 3 demerits within a month , we forfeit our casual Friday ! Since these are nude patent , they scuff easily . I recently bumped the copy machine causing a tiny scuff mark on one shoe . Unfortunately this was on a day she had an inspection . Yep I recieved a demerit . She told me to be more careful , lol ! I already had a demerit for a tiny snag in my hose . One more and I'll be in a business skirt suit and 5 inch high heels for casual Friday. Urrrg! Thanks Fsj for great office high heels . They fit my size 6 1/2 feet perfectly !!

by Sweetie on 02/15/2021


by Erick on 02/12/2021

Muy lindos y comdos, todo el dia puedo andar con ellos y no cansan, ademas, lo mejor en este tipo de zapato. me encantaron

by Erick on 02/12/2021

Hola, buen día, los mejor que he comprado. elegancia, comodidad, son de lo mejor, me encantaron. y los volveria a comprar

by EmJay on 02/10/2021

I love this boot. The only thing I will say is that while you’re walking in the boot the heel tends to fold in a little. Makes the heel unstable and it feels like you’re going to fall, but it’s so sturdy that you won’t. Just something to be aware of. Other than that it’s a great shoe.

by Eddie on 02/02/2021

Overall these are great! Well made and they are very sexy and comfortable.i didn't give it a perfect score because the box arrived damaged and there was very small noticeable damage to the bottom front lip because of it.

by Nicky on 01/31/2021

I must say, I was quite sceptical as I had never heard of this website but the boots are out of this world. I’m glad I bought them, they’re exactly like the pictures. I chose the euro shoes size. For me being 5’10” (1.78m) the heel is perfect too, (not too high). I’ve ordered another pair of different boots already. Thank you!!

by Ivy on 01/30/2021

Wow. I love it. I’m very very picky but this one got me.

by shylohh on 01/30/2021

Love these shoes! Super comfy! I even wore them for a VEEERRY long time! I put them in my shoe rotation.

by Uyen Mai Thi Tran on 01/30/2021

These are classy, sexy and very elegant shoes! I LOVE these shoes! They are well made, I love that fact that they have rubber pads on the bottom of the shoe that allows the shoe to have traction with the ground, so you won't slip! I cant wait to wear them out!

by "The Critic" on 01/30/2021

These shoes are suede and soft and fits perfectly. I brought them to we’re on date night with my hubby, he loves them. They are very comfortable

by Renee on 01/30/2021

I received so many comments. Everyone wanted to know where I got them. I have order several pairs of heels from FSJ, and I am always happy with every pair.

by Eddie on 01/29/2021

Fits perfectly and super comfortable!

by bright_one on 01/29/2021

This is a great brand and the colors are very vivid and beautiful!

by Caitlin on 01/29/2021

Sizing was perfect and quality was great. They're so cute. I bought these to wear in a wedding. Wore them all night and they never hurt my feet and felt super secure.

by Tishanna on 01/29/2021

I really Like them it’s so pretty !!! My bf likes them too I only wore it for like 20 mins so I can’t say to much but it’s good a lil tight though but still bcute

by nearesha on 01/29/2021

I truly love this shoe. A must buy!

by Diamond on 01/29/2021

I loved these! They look so sexy! They are very high though so if you are not used to it then it’s very hard to walk in them.

by WNJSR on 01/29/2021

For those of us tall girls who get jealous of those women who can wesr high heels...these are super cute! The look of a high heel and very nice. I hope they are as comfortable as they are cute.

by Esther on 01/29/2021

I love this shoe and the price for is amazing. Is beautiful than the picture and true size. The color is beautiful too

by Keishawna on 01/29/2021

Bought these for my upcoming wedding...took about a week to get to me. They look amazing and fit perfectly!! I don't normally wear heels because they hurt but when I put these on they were so comfy...I can't wait for the actual wedding day to wear them!!

by Nish on 01/26/2021

Very cute! Love these shoes! Fits as sized.

by Nathaniel & Sarah on 01/26/2021

These are seriously some of the best shoes I’ve ever bought! They are incredibly comfortable. Easy to walk in. I can stand in them for 6+ hours and not complain. I’m absolutely in love with how cute they are.

by TJ on 01/26/2021

These are really beautiful heels; they make your legs look fantastic. The construction seems solid. As for fit, I usually wear 8.5, that is the size I ordered. They fit to size.

by Pg78 on 01/26/2021

Love these heels. They look sexy with any outfit.

by Princess manoh on 01/25/2021

I love this shoe it’s so beautiful it’s a most buy.

by Racheal on 01/25/2021

I love these shoes.. they are so cute, they look super expensive and they spice up a pair of skinny jeans and a tank top very well. You can wear these all night lpng.

by Nicole on 01/25/2021

Beautiful shoes they fit as expected.

by Jocelyn on 01/25/2021

Love these! Will be perfect for my wedding day, and then after will be great with a pair of jeans. So cute!! Well made.

by Tiffany on 01/25/2021

Seriously stunning heel!!! I love it and I get so many compliments on it!

by Trust Me, I'm A Mermaid on 01/25/2021

Super cute shoe. Loved the feel, look, heel height, etc...

by European Book Treasurer on 01/25/2021

Beautiful fit and look! I wanted something with a bit of height without the discomfort. Arch support is high and width is good enough for my wide feet. I can't even feel them on my feet.

by saverloy on 01/25/2021

Nice looking shoe for the price Mrs said they were nice to wear and she looked nice wearing them.

by MONICA on 01/25/2021

Love my shoes! Great Shoe, great quality.

by Smooches on 01/22/2021

Love ‘em!

by Yerenick on 01/22/2021

I love it

by Alicia on 01/22/2021

I love these shoes! Very comfortable and they look great! Love the heel, and the fit! Exactly what I was looking for. Perfect for work or a night out. Very pleased!

by Garvey on 01/22/2021

very very comfortable. They fit perfectly also. I am size 10. True to size

by Awilliams on 01/22/2021

This is a gorgeous shoes, I bought this shoes for my birthday, size 8 fit as expected. Perfect price for the product!

by Francesca on 01/22/2021

Ladies. Talk about classy. These are excatly as expected, great feel, crisp and steardy. Walkable and comfortable. I wore them to a wedding compliments to boot, wore them for 9 hours including 3 hours of dancing, didn't take them off once, no blisters, even walked right up the bedroom in them.

by Serena on 01/22/2021

I love these shoes! the color is delightful. the quality is better than expected.

by Brittani on 01/22/2021

These are my most favorite pair of boots I own! I love the ankle height, the fringe, the color...everything!

by deec1962 on 01/22/2021

great shoe nicer looking than the picture love them.

by Ally on 01/22/2021

This pair of shoes is perfect for shoes that you don’t need to worry about ruining due to weather during events!

by Hunter on 01/22/2021

I. Love. These. Shoes. My new favorite shoes! I love the color, the look and how they feel! Highly recommend

by Shoe-connoisseur on 01/21/2021

Love my ballerina wedge flatforms! Well made, lightweight, comfortable, and despite appearances they're easy to walk in and so Chic! Love these beauties so much I had another pair customized in black leather.

by Shoe-connoisseur on 01/21/2021

Well crafted works of art made by artisans with high quality materials. The fit is perfect. Love the split toe style which is reminiscent of Maison Margiela without the high price tag. . Love them!

by Susan on 01/21/2021

These are adorable and comfortable.

by Bill on 01/21/2021

A birthday gift... she loved them

by Uyen on 01/21/2021

These are classy, sexy and very elegant shoes! I LOVE these shoes! They are well made, I love that fact that they have rubber pads on the bottom of the shoe that allows the shoe to have traction with the ground, so you won't slip! I cant wait to wear them out!

by EMY on 01/21/2021

these are made with way better quality than I could have ever expected. ESPECIALLY For the Price!

by Oi on 01/21/2021

Nice looking shoe for the price Mrs said they were nice to wear and she looked nice wearing them.

by Kayla on 01/21/2021

You won't regret buying these booties! I get so many compliments, and I love them so much. They look so classy, and they pair with a lot of outfits.

by Luna on 01/21/2021

My daughter wore them to her prom. They rubbed a little at the back of the ankle where the zipper is, but they sturdy, the color was even better in person; and we were able to find a matching clutch! She was gorgeous!

by Erlyne on 01/21/2021

Perfect shoes.

by dixierose on 01/21/2021

Very nice shoe. The fit is good, the style is pretty and the shoes are very comfortable. I was not expecting as nice of a shoe as I received because of the price but these are going to be favorites for sure. I was a little unsure of the heel height but found it to be a nice comfortable height for me. Would buy from this seller again.

by Isha on 01/21/2021

Fits nicely and love the colour

FSJ is ranked 4.9 out of 5. Based on 12421 user reviews.