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FSJ Shoes Store Reviews

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars. Based on 2313 Reviews

by Dina on 02/23/2017

Incredibly well done, comfortable and completely adorable. There is no way to go wrong here.

by Monika on 02/23/2017

Excellent shoe, all of the proportions are exactly as pictured. Unlike others, you get exactly what you see. The shoe runs true to US sizing, the shoes are comfortable and sleek.

by Aaby on 02/23/2017

Are they high? YES! are they beautiful? ABSOLUTELY!!! I ordered the suede leopard, and the shoe looks virtually identical to the photo, the heels are nice and narrow (and stable!), the slope of the shoe is well proportioned and most importantly, the toe box is as small as pictured. The finish is very well done, no random glue marks or uneven spots. They do run narrow, but this is the style of the shoe, so I knew this going in (this is why the toe box being short as shown is important! you don't want a long and narrow toe box unless you are equipped with particularly long and narrow toes). So overall, they look fabulous, as for comfort - well, with this height... -- Did I mention how gorgeous they are?! In terms of sizing, I normally wear a 6 in heels and 6.5 in flats, as the arch on this shoe is very high, lengthwise this is almost a loose fit. I would imagine that if you're a larger shoe size, the incline of your foot would be less and you may need to compensate for that by going up a half size. I am ordering the patent style to see if there is a difference in the cut of the shoe, I'll provide a review for that as well.

by Natasha on 02/23/2017

I've got this heels and they are fantastic. Same color and shape as on the picture .

by Iliass EL KHAMMAr on 02/23/2017

Je suis totalement surprise de la haute qualité des escarpins que j’ai pu acheter. Je suis vraiment satisfaite car ce site m’a permis de bénéficier de ses jolis produits pour des prix abordables et non exagérés.

by jodie on 02/22/2017

Elegant and high-quality shoes. thank you

by sonia on 02/22/2017

Thank you so much for fabulous shoes, quick delivery, and surprise gift

by Linda on 02/21/2017

Extremely sexy hot shoes, but the shipping is a little slow

by Andrew on 02/21/2017

My eldest daughter got me this shoes . Rewards, sales...all here. The one thing I will pay out some money for is shoes, luckily with FSJ you really don't need to if your patient.

by Nancy on 02/21/2017

This is the first time I ordered from your website and I am amazed at how smooth the whole experience was. Placing the order was simple, the customer service was reassuring regarding my concerns related to the size. I got my heels delivered today and am satiesfied with the shoes.

by Jim on 02/21/2017

Wife loves it Great shoes excellent customer service good quality

by Lina on 02/20/2017

The shoes color I receive is brighter but more beautiful than the picture. Love this shoes!

by Kerra on 02/20/2017

Professional communication standard with the buyer and the product came as described. The exact color I wanted and the exact model I requested. Shipping was done in a moderate and neat box. I am very happy with the shopping on your website. I will definitely order again.

by Mary on 02/20/2017

I'm satisfied with the shoes. The rose in the packing box is a big surprise. I like the volume, it's very beautiful.

by Frank on 02/19/2017

Love the shoes just on the costly site not to many places sell size 14 which FSJ do keep up the greatness.

by Ana on 02/19/2017

Love this shoes, It's high-quality and beautiful. The only lack is that the delivery is a little slow.

by JOhn on 02/19/2017

My wife loves it. Sexy and beautiful, high quality.

by Ivana on 02/19/2017

This shoes match with all my dress and pants, very pretty. My friend bought the same one from your website yesterday.

by Gabriela on 02/19/2017

This dress shoes is even more beautiful than the picture. It's very comfortable and elegant to walk. Thank you, FSJ.

by Breanne on 02/15/2017

I love both shoes. I just tried them on I have not been able to wear them yet. I'm sure that when I wear them they will meet my expectation and will definitely hear a lot of compliments beautiful shoes.

by RosaM on 02/13/2017

My first order from FSJ were a pair of black boots, suede with some fringe. I love them and have gotten compliments about them as well as my style. I will definitely be ordering from the site again soon. They made me feel sexy and confident.

by Gena on 02/13/2017

Great choices for a great price

by Christopher on 02/08/2017

I went through JustFab as well, and found them to be very GREEDY. They took my money as a credit, but WILL NOT let me use my money for sales! I found that to be very tastless. Compared to them you guys are the BEST.

by Deus_G on 02/06/2017

I loved the boots that I bought. But I have wide calves and I ordered wide. When I got them they got my feet perfectly but my calves were too big for them. So Shoe wide just isn't wide enough for me

by Jennifer on 01/26/2017

This is my 4th pair of FSJ shoes and they are fabulous. Beautifully finished and perfect fit. Returned them once for size (too small) and they corrected it and sent a perfect fit in 8 days which is incredible China to USA. Trying to order another pair today in red. I am very happy with FSJ and these shoes are cuter than cute.

by M on 01/23/2017

Beyond happy! Pretty close silhouette to my louboutins Way better quality than Steve Madden Can't beat the price!

by S.becca on 01/23/2017

This shoe is absolutely gorgeous and for the price Yes buy it! I was skeptical reading the other reviews but for the price I took a chance. Looks just like the picture and if you can walk in heels then No this shoe is not uncomfortable at ALL! I have several pairs of Christian Louboutins and the cut and heel height of this shoe comes VERY VERY close if not identical. Buy in confidence. I ordered the suede leopard pair and plan on getting more!

by T. Snipe on 01/23/2017

I will buy in another color if I need another! These heels were super cute!!! Iv had my eyes on some Christian Louboutin but I could not locate the one that I wanted... So I went in search for just some really high heels and these ar cut pretty much like the "so Kate" heels that I have been wanting!! Great price worked great for what I needed and they look good on. The will not stretch out , they fit asexpetec with a narrow toe box. The do hurt after wearing them for a while!!! even my hips hurt but its been a while since I've worn heels that high! I would say get your size and add lotion to your feet cause if you go larger you will have a very large gap in the back! See photo i have a gap and my size is 9.5 or 10

by James F on 01/21/2017

I was so surprised when I opened the box.Gorgeous sandals,High Quality and the size 12 fits wonderfully.The sandals are the same as advertised and the Color is so shine and beautiful.Also very very comfortable.Love it .A+++++++++

by Breanna on 01/16/2017

The shoes are cute! They're a little uncomfortable on the sole and they rub a little bit around the ankles but that's expected for the little I paid. I'd recommend them for the price. I get compliments on them

by Seyslin Kell on 01/15/2017

Looking for boots with Chocolate color for a long time, finally I got this, It is more softer than picture looks

by Rasha on 01/14/2017

I am very pleased so far. With the styles and the prices and discounts.

by grata on 01/13/2017

colour is beautiful. Love ,love , love these shoes!!!

by Bonnie on 01/13/2017

I was extremely excited to get my shoes and was in love with them .

by Aimee on 01/13/2017

FSJ has great shoes and products.This is my second time to buy shoes.

by Jasinine on 01/13/2017

Pleasant online shopping!!! I will visit again.

by Ellie on 01/12/2017

I do love the look of the shoes. Price is great.!!!

by Cindy on 01/12/2017

Beautiful shoes but I am a size 8 and I have to return them for an 9 and it fits me nicely;

by Estelle on 01/12/2017

Put on this pair of shoes, my feet look small.They are really nice.

by Fern on 01/12/2017

It is comfortable and I just love that pretty orange color.

FSJ is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 2313 user reviews.