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FSJ Shoes Store Reviews

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. Based on 12455 Reviews

by Onyx on 05/07/2021

Definitely not the same material or quality of the ones pictured, however they are very comfortable and still cute. Size 8.5, true to size

by Ali on 05/07/2021

ABSOLUTELY STUNTING!! Very comfortable, fit perfectly, and look amazing!!

by Ali on 05/07/2021

I ordered these shoes, they came but they’re a little too big, I just usually get a 6 in open toe, but I should’ve gotten a 5-1/2

by FLII 1 on 04/29/2021

I love them and I'm waiting for my other pair to come!

by Raul Bila on 04/16/2021

They look approximately like in the photos I've provided to them, but I appreciate their willing to produce them in such short time. They are well build and sewed and the leather is qualitative. I hope that they will make next pairs look like in the photos

by Tom on 04/13/2021

My wife just adores these heels and they look fantastic. She wears a size 8 1/2 and they fit perfectly. Highly recommend them.

by Shoe lover on 04/12/2021

My shoes just came in, oh my they are beautiful. I tried them on and they fit perfectly and are easy to walk in. i will post pictures latter. All i can say is Thank you once again.

by Dany on 04/12/2021

Very modern and looks very pretty. Despite having a high heel, it is comfortable. I wear it for 8 hours to work and it doesn't bother. Very cute to wear with jeans or any denim clothing.

by Beyondrepair209 on 04/12/2021

I love these shoes...they came way earlier than expected and they are surprisingly comfortable. So sexy....love them!

by Amy on 04/09/2021

My daughter loved them...Showed up on time & they fit!!!

by Shoe Lover on 04/02/2021

Love these shoes, these fit and feel great.

by Jewell on 03/31/2021

Super cute and comfortable. Great for work and church.

by Tonya on 03/31/2021

They are so very comfortable, I can wear all day and then go out and dance the night away and never have any foot pain. Also very sexy.

by Cat D on 03/31/2021

I love these shoes. They are so cute for any outfit, causal or dressy, and so comfortable. I feel like I walk lighter in these shoes. Ordinarily I don't wear shoes with heels but this shoe causes no distress on my feet at all. Highly recommend for style and comfort.

by Josephine on 03/31/2021

Very comfortable and my daughter used for her modelling

by Monika on 03/31/2021

She love them so classy

by K Lashun on 03/31/2021

I absolutely love everything about this shoe. The style, color, everything about this shoe was great.

by Radonda on 03/31/2021

These were perfect for the dress I had on. Not too high of a heal just right

by Pania_Puddin on 03/31/2021

I received many compliments. They’re showstoppers!

by SAW on 03/26/2021

This is a great shoe, fit very comfortably, sized correctly. Great price. Will definitely purchase from this company again.

by Keshia on 03/26/2021

The shoe is stunning.. it’s comfortable also.. just be patient putting them on.. sexiest shoe I own for the most reasonable price

by Amaraporn on 03/19/2021

Fit perfectly and very comfortable. Looks great with jeans or black leggings.

by Whitney on 03/19/2021

these are about the only heels and wedges I can wear and loterally run in. I love them.

by Aza on 03/19/2021

It’s a comfortable and classic looking shoe. There are times when I just want to be comfortable without losing my classic style. I’d that’s your style, then you’ll love it.

by Bianca on 03/19/2021

I love it. It fit perfect. I wear a size 10 and ordered a sizec10. It was a perfect fit. They are very comfortable.

by Janelle S on 03/19/2021

I got these shoes for my wedding. They were perfect! Really good quality, well made, beautiful, and comfortable. True to size. Wore these all night of my wedding and still wear them from time to time with outfits.

by Esmeralda on 03/19/2021

love love love these shoes. very comfortable great quality the wait was worth it!

by Guts on 03/18/2021

Love these! Super sexy and well made.

by Specialbeauty07 on 03/18/2021

Absolutely love it. Comfy, elegant, stylish, these ones matches my skin color. I am thinking to buy another pair for when these need replacement.

by peace on 03/18/2021

My best shoes ever ,everyone can walk on them ,not too low nor too long OMG comfortable, great buy ,thanks to the seller. Highly recommended.

by Lolita on 03/16/2021

Love them and comfortable for my flat feet. My walk is without hesitation. I helped pack and clean up tables from our regional meeting in these shoes. I will keep you updated on these little show stoppers.

by Me on 03/16/2021

I love these shoes. They are true to size! I wear a size 5 and bought a size 5. Perfect! They are beautiful, comfortable, and made of great material. The color is so nice... just the right red!

by D. Luna on 03/16/2021

I have been very pleased with these shoes. They are stylish and comfortable enough to be worn all day. Very happy with my purchase.

by 2Westies on 03/16/2021

very pretty confortable and arrived quickly would recommande this seller

by Mel on 03/16/2021

These are tru to size. Super sexy and comfy

by S. Fields on 03/16/2021

These are perfect! The heels are high, but I love them! The seller worked with me to get them earlier. I cant wait for my photshoot!

by Sydnee on 03/16/2021

I cannot love these enough!! They are perfect! I have a wide foot & it is so hard to find a cute heel that works with wide feet, but this one does!

by KS on 03/11/2021

I normally can’t wear heels or high wedges but these sandals are the exception. They are incredibly comfortable and cushiony. They don’t cause the crazy pain that I would normally get wearing other sandals with this wedge height. These look great with jeans and a t shirt or a dress.

by Cassie on 03/11/2021

They fit great and looks exactly like the picture!!

by tammy on 03/10/2021

I love these high heel sandals. Perfect party shoes.

by S. Lewis on 03/09/2021

Fit true to size. Much better quality than I expected for the money. Great purchase!

by Connie on 03/09/2021

Very pretty.. very different

by QueenKong on 03/09/2021

i don't wear high heels much anymore, but these were so beautiful i had to get them. they have a good amount of padding and are very comfortable for the height! not to mention, they are super sexy and i wear them with both dresses as well as jeans. they are true to size and i would highly recommend them to my friends and family.

by Ronda on 03/06/2021

These shoes are flippn' GEORGOUS!!!! I am literally obsessed - if you are debating- my vote is BUY THE SHOES!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

by Loveeeee on 03/06/2021

So perfect! So cute!

by Tyler on 03/05/2021

Order true to size. Also I’ve probably walked 15km in these one pair of shoes and I’d say that they would do another lol

by Erika F on 03/04/2021

Great heel for work! The height is just right and the memory foam makes it that much more comfortable. This shoe is very versatile, can be dressed up for a night out or dressed down with a pair of jeans. This my new “go to” pump!

by Teresa on 03/04/2021

Love them...Comfortable looks Great.with Dresses and slacks. Has all the features that a Business shoe should have.

by Classic lyric on 03/01/2021

I fell in love with these shoes they are so cute and comfortable and true to size

by Mirabelle on 03/01/2021

I absolutely LOVE these heels!!!! There are so pretty and elegant, I never wanted to take them off. BUY THESE HEELS!

by shay on 02/26/2021

The shoe is easy to put on and take off I love the zipper in the back and it looks great!

by Kristen on 02/26/2021

Love these shoes! Bought them for graduation, which they were perfect for, and now use them as a wardrobe staple! They arrived quickly, go with everything, are comfortable and fit perfectly. Call me Cinderella cause the shoes fit!

by Pen Name on 02/26/2021

Got these for the holidays and they are beautiful. There is unlimited potential with these heels. Cute with jeans, a nice dress pant or a dress. Happy with this purchase!

by Haidee on 02/26/2021

A must buy you won’t regret it. Comfortable look beautiful and look great with all Outfits.

by atrue on 02/26/2021

These shoes are my new fave! So dang cute and classy!

by Devon M. on 02/26/2021

This was such a great buy for me. The color is exactly what I wanted, and the fit is really great. I 100% recommend these heels.

by Christopher on 02/26/2021

You guys - these sandals are ADORABLE...but I cannot get over how comfortable they are!!! These days I am in sneakers working out, at work, etc so I don’t wear sandals/heels of any sort very often, but I feel like I could wear these ALL DAY and my feet would never hurt.

by Keshia on 02/26/2021

The shoe is stunning.. it’s comfortable also.. just be patient putting them on.. sexiest shoe I own for the most reasonable price

by Beyondrepair209 on 02/26/2021

I love these shoes...they came way earlier than expected and they are surprisingly comfortable. So sexy....love them!

by Nicole on 02/26/2021

Super comfy sandals ! I went 5 stores to look for this shoes and I didn’t find them turns out I searched on fsjshoes and it took me 15 minutes to find them !!! Loving them !! My size is 8.5

by AustinCano on 02/26/2021

Super soft sole! Fits great and comfy

by Zabala on 02/26/2021

Looked great with my toga outfit

by Honey on 02/25/2021

I chose the customization service and cut the heel height to 4 inches, it nice fit and easy to walk.

by WorkingGirl on 02/24/2021

The most stylish and comfortable wedges I’ve ever owned! I wear them all spring, summer & fall!

by L H Banes on 02/24/2021

Super cute! I received lots of compliments on these shoes. Wore them to a wedding from pictures to closing down the reception, they were comfortable the whole time.

by Lilian on 02/23/2021

Amazing!! I'm in Love with these shoes, I bought them for a cosplay and Im so I'm love with them they have become my favorite heals in and out of cosplay!

by buyer on 02/23/2021

too cute and comfy love this shoes

by Jennifer on 02/23/2021

Great shoes, go with everything. True to size!

by Dabee on 02/22/2021

I can't wear super high heels, so I customize the heel height, they fit perfectly!

by deedee47 on 02/22/2021

Gorgeous Shoe. Once again 81/2 fit Perfectly . Don't Hesitate you won't be sorry.

by Abby on 02/15/2021

Totally agree with Sara's review . So cute and still professional . I paired these with a short black wrap skirt , white boyfriend button shirt and sheer black hose for a business conference . I gave financial power point presentations an entire day while standing at a podium . So comfortable but I'm required to wear high heels everyday at our office . Thanks again FSJ for meeting my strict office dress code

by Abby on 02/15/2021

I have submitted reviews in the past on FSJ high heels that I wear for my strict office dress code . I have had these for some time and just now giving my review . As usual they are fantastic ! Super cute and comfy for my 10 hour day . As I've stated before , our office manager has random dress code inspections. If she finds a violation , ( wrinkled skirt , scuffed high heels , snagged hose , etc ) she awards demerits . 3 demerits within a month , we forfeit our casual Friday ! Since these are nude patent , they scuff easily . I recently bumped the copy machine causing a tiny scuff mark on one shoe . Unfortunately this was on a day she had an inspection . Yep I recieved a demerit . She told me to be more careful , lol ! I already had a demerit for a tiny snag in my hose . One more and I'll be in a business skirt suit and 5 inch high heels for casual Friday. Urrrg! Thanks Fsj for great office high heels . They fit my size 6 1/2 feet perfectly !!

by Sweetie on 02/15/2021


by Erick on 02/12/2021

Muy lindos y comdos, todo el dia puedo andar con ellos y no cansan, ademas, lo mejor en este tipo de zapato. me encantaron

by Erick on 02/12/2021

Hola, buen día, los mejor que he comprado. elegancia, comodidad, son de lo mejor, me encantaron. y los volveria a comprar

by EmJay on 02/10/2021

I love this boot. The only thing I will say is that while you’re walking in the boot the heel tends to fold in a little. Makes the heel unstable and it feels like you’re going to fall, but it’s so sturdy that you won’t. Just something to be aware of. Other than that it’s a great shoe.

by Eddie on 02/02/2021

Overall these are great! Well made and they are very sexy and comfortable.i didn't give it a perfect score because the box arrived damaged and there was very small noticeable damage to the bottom front lip because of it.

by Nicky on 01/31/2021

I must say, I was quite sceptical as I had never heard of this website but the boots are out of this world. I’m glad I bought them, they’re exactly like the pictures. I chose the euro shoes size. For me being 5’10” (1.78m) the heel is perfect too, (not too high). I’ve ordered another pair of different boots already. Thank you!!

by Ivy on 01/30/2021

Wow. I love it. I’m very very picky but this one got me.

by shylohh on 01/30/2021

Love these shoes! Super comfy! I even wore them for a VEEERRY long time! I put them in my shoe rotation.

FSJ is ranked 4.9 out of 5. Based on 12455 user reviews.