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FSJ Shoes Store Reviews

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. Based on 11842 Reviews

by Vicki R. Foster on 01/09/2020

I love to wear this shoe. Pretty comfortable.. Excellent with suit or dress or a dressy pair of jeans.

by Rebecca Juliao on 01/09/2020

These shoes fit perfectly. They have a good stable heel and are super easy to walk in. They are a good heel height and I received many compliments the first time I wore them.

by Rebecca Juliao on 01/09/2020

These shoes fit perfectly. They have a good stable heel and are super easy to walk in. They are a good heel height and I received many compliments the first time I wore them.

by Lesa Lou on 01/09/2020

Beautiful color, picked for a certain outfit...perfect for this selection...love it!! Will break in tonight around the house, & wear tomorrow with my outfit.

by odalys on 01/09/2020

Shoes fit and look great. Very elegant and are very sexy. I truly recommend them.

by lclark1 on 01/09/2020

I LOVE these heels! They fit exactly as expected, the heel is just high enough to give maximum sex appeal but not hurt if I wear them for hours.

by lclark1 on 01/09/2020

I LOVE these heels! They fit exactly as expected, the heel is just high enough to give maximum sex appeal but not hurt if I wear them for hours.

by Rosanna on 01/09/2020

These are really beautiful heels; they make your legs look fantastic. The construction seems solid.

by Winningsound on 01/09/2020

I’m glad I spent a bit more for these, they are well made for the price. These fit as expected,

by W. W.C. on 01/09/2020

These are gorgeous! any pumps without straps very difficult. But I found the ones that are luckily grippy enough on the heel I don’t feel like I’m struggling to walk super carefully and the heel is tall but comfortable!

by A. learmont on 01/09/2020

Love love this shoe.. I have been looking for the perfect strappy shoe and this shoe is it. Extremely comfortable ,I can’t stop saying enough good things about this pump. I love so much .

by dixie on 01/09/2020

These shoes are awesome. They are amazingly comfortable. Like all day wear comfortable. The toe is nice and pointed. Elongates the leg. I bought 2 colors and I'm definitely buying more.

by Emily K on 01/09/2020

FSJ always makes a good everything. This shoe is perfect for its price. It has a nice quality feel and looks very NICE. The heel is PERFECT. its high but easy to walk in and its comfy. Very happy!

by Lthomas1067 on 01/09/2020

No doubt this shoe is a classic beauty at a fantastic price.

by Meg on 01/09/2020

Custom ordered these in red leather. They are SO cute and sassy! Can't wait to wear them!

by Renee Nash on 01/08/2020

This is my second pair of these booties. These shoes are super comfy and have stayed looking great

by K. Ahmady on 01/08/2020

I was very skeptical about this shoe firstly. I've worn them 5 times. They are awesome shoes! I've also worn them walking around city blocks, etc and my feet never hurt. and they look great with leggings, dresses, and jeans.

by Hannah Jespersen on 01/08/2020

I don’t typically write reviews, but I had to for these booties! I’ve been looking for the perfect booties for what feels like forever. Other booties always end up hurting my feet by the end of the day, looking weird with leggings or skinny pants, or giving me blisters. However hey’re super cute and fit very well! So happy I bought these!

by cortney gallicchio on 01/08/2020

I literally wear these 5 days out of the week, they are so comfortable. I wore them to sea world all day.I wore them the day they came and no pain at all. I would buy again

by Kindle Customer on 01/08/2020

LOVE these shoes!!!! Everyone kept telling me these were the sexiest pair of shoes they've seen. Comfortable, stylish, and chic.Will definitely order several more pairs in others

by Grace on 01/08/2020

Beautiful shoes. Love them and Will get another pair

by Calla Lily on 01/08/2020

the heel are perfect they look expensive shoe it definitely worth the price .. this is my second pair and I will buy a lot more .. Customer service was great when I contacted then and as them to send it faster cause I need it before my birthday .. and they send it fast .. thank you

by Queen B on 01/08/2020

I am a shoe fanatic who knows how 2 pick out shoes, no mattr wht the cost, I like 2 look expensive even if they are cheap and this is one pair that is affordable but look expensive on!!!!!

by Jessy on 01/08/2020

love them. The fit is spot on.They are comfortable for a high heel but then again they are heels, lol. You can't beat the price for such a great looking heel ,Husband likes them as well .

by Gohar Nazarian on 01/08/2020

Love it. So far it's comfortable.It's really chic and I would def recommend buying a pair.

by Richard Ringeisen on 01/08/2020

Awesome shoes! So many compliments received on these. Wish the had some strappy versions too!

by Paul on 01/08/2020

This pair of shoes is gorgeous. My girlfriend absolutely loved them. she stated that they were very comfortable. The heel is very high on these shoes, so make sure you realize this before purchasing! These shoes are sure to get you very many compliments and look as if they should be sold for much more than they are currently going for. We would very much recommend!

by Lynn Davis Smith on 01/07/2020

Great shoe for the price. Not tight. Perfect. Nice looking with jeans.

by JoshuaAnn on 01/07/2020

Great shoes for the price. I wanted a pair of black for winter and these are perfect. Arch support is not the best so I added an inexpensive insert. Good for work. I like this brand - I have a few pairs from them and I am happy with all of them.

by GCollins on 01/07/2020

I LOVE these shoes. I was hesitant to buy them because I was concerned on the fit, but I took a leap thinking I could send them back if they didn't fit. These shoes are very comfy (only took about a day to break in). I've gotten many compliments

by Chesapeake Books on 01/07/2020

I get compliments on these daily. They fit perfectly even after a couple months of regular wear. I’m a size ten but I have narrow feet and these lace tightly enough to fit me. Adds a great effortless kick to my usual all black clothing. The only time they felt uncomfortable was after something like six hours of walking while on vacation in New Orleans, but they don’t have much arch support so I expected this. Buy them!

by Susan Wardell on 01/07/2020

Adorable! I happen to love these shoes. This is my third pair. Super comfortable and stylish. I ordered a 1/2 a size bigger just because I have wide feet. They fit quite well. The first time I wore them without socks I got blistered. So, I tried again with 'no show' socks and guess what... no blisters. I would recommend these shoes to my family and friends for sure.

by Dora on 01/07/2020

I love platform heels and also the color red. I wore these heels to a wedding with a beautiful black dress. They were comfortable but when pring these heels be sure to go up a size

by Winningsound on 01/07/2020

Love it!! They fit nice and they look good!

by Timothy on 01/07/2020

These shoes were gorgeous for my Valentine's Day outing. I wear a size 8 and they were the tiniest bit too big, even with hose.they were amazing, gave me enough height and weren't overly uncomfortable.

by Jessica on 01/07/2020

Okay, these shoes are simply fantastic. The color is bold and beautiful, the construction is well done, and they are very comfortable! If you're not sure if you should - go ahead. Buy these.

by Bea on 01/07/2020

They are gorgeous shoes! True to the size for me

by Tom on 01/07/2020

My wife just adores these heels and they look fantastic. She wears a size 8 1/2 and they fit perfectly. Highly recommend them

by Crissy on 01/07/2020

Gotten mine today,Quite nice.i like it!

by Sydney on 01/06/2020

For my 25th birthday I literally gemed them out !! I love them. Fits nice and comfortable

by Cindy on 01/06/2020

Beautiful!! And soooooooo comfortable. The leather is quality and despite the heel not being that high, it looks as if it is. I got tons of compliments.. Definitely an awesome purchase

by Sharon on 01/06/2020

Very beautiful booties.loved it very much .they are very cute perfect heel .very stylish and feel soft and Comfortable .perfect size true size.excellant quality .

by Nellie on 01/06/2020

The shoes came on time and suit for me.

by Kindle on 01/06/2020

Wow. I was so leary buying heels off the internet because most aren’t true to size but these are spot on.The color, the look, everything was perfect. These are for my daughters wedding and we are both so happy!

by Mirrada on 01/06/2020

First off, the shoes fits true to size. I wear a 9 and ordered a 9 and the fit was perfect. I wore these shoes for about 3 hours at an event. I danced a lot and they were super comfortable. I highly suggest putting the pads,If not, your feet will probably slip forward. These are just as pretty in-person.

by Sharon on 01/06/2020

Fit great. Material not good and great for an occasional shoe.

by Vianca on 01/06/2020

They’re Beautiful AND comfortable! I have a hard time buying any shoes because I have a wide foot, let alone any type of heel. These are so adorable and I was surprised at how nicely they fit. No trying to make my foot bend just right to get them on, they slide on and they feel great!

by Wendy on 01/06/2020

They were a little tight at first, but after walking around in them and pulling on them a little, they fit perfectly. They are true to your size.

by Wendy on 01/06/2020

Love the style and color, very comfortable

by Jane on 01/06/2020

Its comfy and looks expensive. I have gotten a lot of compliments on it as well as people asking where I got them. I will buy again in different colors. If u have wide feet like I do, u need at least half size up tho I went with a full size up. Other than that, it feels greater than the leading brands

by Alexandra on 01/06/2020

I bought these shoes for my daughter and the size was accurate, she has been wearing them to school and they are pretty comfortable

by Lolita on 01/06/2020

Yes I love these boots! Got them today, and I was so excited! They fit perfectly. The color is beautiful, and the bottom is a really thick rubber. They feel really sturdy too.

by Kathy on 01/06/2020

Stunning! You’ll feel like a slutty princess! Great quality and for the height actually very comfortable.

by Jordan on 01/06/2020

These shoes are beautiful and comfortable. It's great wedding shoes also you can wear it on usual.

by Miller on 01/06/2020

Xant wait to wear these at my friends wedding!

by Grace on 01/04/2020

Love the style!!! So comfy!!! SEXYYYY!!

by D.p. on 01/04/2020

Hott and sexy pumps. They are high and took a little practice.

by Jenn on 01/04/2020

These were worth the wait !!! Keep in mind they are veryyyyyy sexy.

by M on 01/04/2020

So pretty I bought another pair

by Lindsey on 01/04/2020

These bad boys are beautiful.

by John Wardle on 01/04/2020

Beautiful and sexy

by Schump on 01/04/2020

Yes, so comfortable.

by R Schump on 01/04/2020

Great fit and looks so hip!

by RDG on 01/04/2020

So super cute! The color is AMAZING!

by Mermaid on 01/04/2020

I’m pretty sure these are made by good quality. Nice packaging, perfect shoes, good fit and the smell was nice

by Roxanne Rodriguez on 01/04/2020

The heels were packaged really nice. So far I love the shoes and they feel very comfortable.

by Jai on 01/04/2020

Great shoes for the price! Was actually able to wear them all day.

by JVB. on 01/04/2020

True to size I wear size 7 Very light and extremely comfortable to wear.

by G. Woods on 01/04/2020

These heels were a big hit and they went perfectly with my outfit!!

by mother of 3 on 01/04/2020

Gorgeous and unexpectedly comfortable to wear.

by Mcnalrac on 01/04/2020

OMG!!! I’m not a pumps fan, but seriously... This is the best pair of pumps EVER!! F

by D$ on 01/04/2020

Loved them. Fit perfectly!

by Bre on 01/04/2020

These shoes are BOMB!

by Cathy D on 01/04/2020

Love the shoes.

by Loren P. on 01/04/2020

Very comfortable shoe. Well made.

by C. Marbley on 01/04/2020

First off the boxing is very cute. The shoes fit perfect.

by Indigo on 01/04/2020

Gorgeous. I'm absolutely obsessed with them!

by Kindle Cara on 01/03/2020

You look at these shoes and say "how do you walk in them?". They are a lot more comfortable than they look. It's really quite amazing. A really beautiful silver shoe

by CW Freya on 01/03/2020

This is my second pair of these type of shoes. The first pair I bought from Macy's. However, they no longer have my size and I am unable to get them from any Macy's in the US. I was happy to see I was able to purchase them from FSJ. For the size of the heel, these shoes are very comfortable. I love them and wear them often.

by Shopping Therapy on 01/03/2020

The shoe fit great, not too big not too small. I got a size 6 and fit as expected. I wore them from 7:00am to 7:00pm and my feet were comfortable enough.

FSJ is ranked 4.9 out of 5. Based on 11842 user reviews.