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FSJ Shoes Store Reviews

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. Based on 12156 Reviews

by BaybT on 10/08/2020

They are cute from afar. Definitely not worth what they're charging. Literally looks like the rhinestones are just bedazzled on and I could have done it myself. Overall they were comfortable and it matched my outfit for the night. Great communication and received on time.

by Heel loving wife on 10/03/2020

Very slutty heels to wear with black stockings. Great heels for shoe worship.

by Stephanie on 09/29/2020

Stunning heels. I ordered them in a custom width since I have fairly wide feet, and they fit like a glove. I only have a few minor complaints, such as the gold leather on the platform and heel not being completely taught, a few of the rivets / spikes being out of line, and the ankle strap being short despite the fact that I gave FSJ my ankle measurements. Be aware that the arch from the platform to the heel will look a little less dramatic than the model's photos if you don't have tiny feet and don't order a custom heel size that is higher to compensate.

by Nick on 09/24/2020

Absolutely love them! They fit comfortably, and the faux fur liner was a pleasant surprise. Would definitely order again!

by Houndguy on 09/14/2020

Nice for cosplay but just I don't like peep toe. The booties were so useful but I didn't realize that they were peep toe and then just I wore them with my sailor Uranus cosplay. I didn't feel sweaty feet, they are comfy but just I didn't like when a bug got inside of my foot through the peep toe.

by RTH on 09/10/2020

I don't normally leave reviews, but these shoes are excellent--just as advertised. Good quality, good fit. Would buy again. (I would love them in olive green!)

by SandalMan on 09/08/2020

This was my first purchase through FJS. I sent photos of what I wished, these included a detailed image including accurate foot sizing. They took 6 weeks to arrive most of that was in freight whist COVID-19 was happening. The leather is much thinner than expected, the sole is paper thin compared to the wanted as shown in the photos, the inner sole foot pad is smaller in all dimensions than shown and desired. There are large amounts of over glue showing both on the outside and the inside. Those things said the cut and look is fairly accurate.

by Lucrezia scafford on 09/05/2020

I got these for my 15 year stepdaughter for prom! These shoes were great. I think these elegant heels are great for prom/homecoming events.

by Vicki on 09/05/2020

These shoes are perfect. I really like the quality and the color. I am very surprised and I will order again.

by Alexandra Horgos on 09/02/2020

The heels came faster than the date expected. The box was packaged very nicely along with some extra goodies such as the rose and some heel inserts. They are comfortable for being a high heel. Overall, they are a good quality pair of heels and very sexy on!

by Christine on 09/02/2020

Stunning Gold Stilettos! I absolutely love them. Good quality and pretty comfortable for ladies that like super high heels! Arrived way before the actual date shown on my order. Packaged nicely and came with a little wrapped rose, very nice touch. Highly recommend these heels.

by Joan BW on 09/02/2020

Fits really good and true to size. I have fatty feet and wears size 10 and that's what I ordered and it fits well. Not tight and is comfortable.

by vermontgerry on 09/02/2020

I like the appearance of this shoe. It will look good with any slacks that I choose to wear it with …. jeans, casual slacks, or dress slacks.

by jeanie on 09/02/2020

The most comfortable shoes ever! I wore them for about 8 hours the first time and they still felt great. Got a lot of compliments on them. There is no doubt that these are very well made, high quality materials and pure class!

by Gabbi P on 09/01/2020

These shoes are gorgeous! I'm not one to wear super high heels, especially if I know I'll be wearing them for a long period of time. So, I ordered these to go with my bridesmaid dress and they're perfect! Not too high, and they don't squeeze in any places, so I can walk around in them comfortably.

by J. Gutierrez on 09/01/2020

Great sandals, good heel height, I got them in white and they are perfect, I can wear them most of the day.

by Sher on 09/01/2020

Theses shoes are really nice and sexy, but the strap heels don’t hold on my ankles.

by MS. Virginia on 09/01/2020

This is a beautiful pair of shoes. they fit perfect. Will be wearing them to a reunion.MS. VirginiaRecommend this item.

by Greenveg6 on 09/01/2020

Love this shoes! So comfortable, fits truth the size. I would definitely buy the same one in other color.

by S. McDaniels on 08/29/2020

These shoes were comfortable and fit great! I was able to keep them on all night. The perfect size heel to maintain a sexy look.

by Phylicia on 08/29/2020

Very beautiful as it is in the photo. Quality material and excellent finish

by Be kind on 08/29/2020

Very good product loved it..color is great.. seems well built I will be buying from this company again ☺

by adria mitchell on 08/29/2020

No dislikes. I like everything about my experience. The shoes are as described, comfortable and perfect shade of sliver for me.

by MS. Virginia on 08/29/2020

I loved them, they fit perfect and their inner pad make them more comfortable, they bring a small spare heel which seems to me a good detail that I had not seen in others.

by Eveleez on 08/29/2020

These are really lovely shoes! Great to wear for dressing up or casual wear. A must have!

by Leslie on 08/28/2020

They are just way too high don't look as extreme in the pics. Love the style but they are just too much in real life.

by Candice brown on 08/28/2020

The shoes are BEAUTIFUL. They do seem to be a little small, maybe a size up is best considering the pointed tip of the shoe.

by Travel Agent on 08/28/2020

I was so pleasantly surprised at the comfort and style of this shoe. It's beautiful and i can't wait to wear them.

by Ponch on 08/28/2020

They are stiletto heels and by the end of the evening I was ready to take them off but that’s because I’m not used to wearing heels so high. They were surprisingly comfortable for the most part. Look incredibly sexy. The best part is that if you’re being chased there is no way you would outrun your attacker but you could use these spikes to defend yourself.

by Christiana on 08/28/2020

heel is high than 5.5 inches in size 8, but is manageable with the platform height. I needed this color for a particular dress, and the match is perfect. :)

by Marla Brown on 08/28/2020

What a shoe!!! It looks even better in person! This shoe is an absolute show stopper. The quality and detail exceeded my expectations. Thank you!!!!

by Shoe Lover on 08/24/2020

I have just received these new Pink Leopard Print Mary Jane's from FSJ Shoes. They are more than I could have expected. Beside the normal quality, I was thrown by how great they looked. Without hesitating I had them on and snapped a few photos. I just can't possibly find the words to express my total gratitude. I had them made with a block heel which differs from the photo that I submitted. I hope more people can enjoy these shoes. Thanks once again to FSJ Shoes for all that you have done for me.

by Jennifer on 08/23/2020

Can these be made in 3 inch heel height or 4 inch heel height?

by Gigi on 08/18/2020

I absolutely love these shoes. I wore them to an event that lasted several hours and they looked good and felt

by belly on 08/17/2020

wunderfull shoes , so good for a nice footjob

by Francesca M on 08/17/2020

Ladies. Talk about classy. These are excatly as expected, great feel, crisp and steardy. Walkable and comfortable. I wore them to a wedding compliments to boot, wore them for 9 hours including 3 hours of dancing, didn't take them off once, no blisters, even walked right up the bedroom in them. Next day I orderd another color. AMAZING SHOE for dirt cheap!

by Christine on 08/17/2020

Stunning Gold Stilettos! I absolutely love them. Good quality and pretty comfortable for ladies that like super high heels! Arrived way before the actual date shown on my order. Packaged nicely and came with a little wrapped rose, very nice touch. Highly recommend these heels.

by Lanaya Clinton on 08/17/2020

I got the gold ones to go with my birthday dress and I absolutely LOVE them !!! I plan on getting every color !!

by Constance Barker on 08/17/2020

These shoes are EXACTLY what I was looking for! I had a very similar pair of Candies back in the early 2000's, but I lost them during a move. These are beautiful, and the material seems very durable - even for me and my penchant for clumsiness. I would highly recommend!

by Timeesha Duncan on 08/17/2020

I love these shoes! I was a little nervous because I ordered these and another pair of shoes from another company, and the other pair from the other company was nothing like the picture so I had to send them back. So I didn’t know what to expect with these...But I must say these shoes are gorgeous. They fit like a glove. The heel height is high and skinny like I wanted, and the best part is the toe cleavage. It’s a really sexy shoe.

by Chelle on 08/17/2020

Very skeptical to make this purchase because the heels looks a bit high so I thought it would feel uncomfortable but I was wrong it's super comfortable and cute I wore it for more than hr and it didn't hurt my feet. Love me some cute and comfortable heels.

by B Smith on 08/17/2020

Prompt delivery, nicely packaged, comfortable (or as comfortable as heels can be?!) & sexy!

by Lensee' on 08/17/2020

Sexy cool summer shoes great buy.It is very beautiful and surprisingly comfortable considering the high heel!

by Desiree on 08/17/2020

I loved this shoe! The color was a perfect mustard yellow. It was definitely all that I expected.

by TrojanAurora on 08/17/2020

I bought them for this dress and wasn’t disappointed! I have a large shoe size and struggle to find nice looking shoes that are also comfortable. These were a great fit, and the wide heel made walking comfortably a breeze

by Sunny on 08/14/2020

I had seen some bad reviews before my purchase but took the gamble anyway because i needed them in a custom colour for a specific event. The quality is much better than i was expecting. Workmanship is great, and as for the visuals, i'll let the image speak for itself.

by sonya glassen on 08/12/2020

I very much like the look of the heels! Not too hard to walk in they do run a tad large in my opinion. I would buy more from this company.

by Gertrina Avent on 08/12/2020

Love these shoes. They look exactly like the picture.. I will order from this seller again!!

by Renee Alford on 08/12/2020

Everyone wanted to know where I got them. I have order several pairs of heels , and I am always happy with every pair.

by Rachel Leggett on 08/12/2020

The fit is great and the appearance is gorgeous but the heel is really thin and every time you take a step the heel wiggles quite a bit which is really weird. Great shoe though and true to size

by Chibi on 08/12/2020

Beautiful shoe! Great purchase! Highly recommend!

by Tiff J on 08/12/2020

What a gorgeous shoe! I feel like Cinderella in her glass slippers! And it goes perfect with my wedding dress! Can’t wait to wear them !

by Jennifer on 08/12/2020

I love these so shoes so much. They are comfortable and look good with everything. If only we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic I would be wearing them daily!

by Cathy S. on 08/12/2020

They are VERY comfortable! I danced all night and didn’t even think about taking my shoes off! Very stylish and true to size.

by Tony Brandolino on 08/12/2020

A gorgeous pop of color for the beach. Normally I think a wedge is cheating, but when you need to sashay on the sand, this wedge is it. You can see in the background, it brought all the boys to the yard.

by Bri Ann on 08/12/2020

Okay I am obsessed! Perfect wedges! They fit perfectly! I get so many compliments when I wear them and my husband loves them!

by Tim on 08/12/2020

I absolutely love FSJ Heels. I've had many pairs in the past; however, this pair, I'm going to need to make a small adjustment. After putting on stockings and the heels, and started walking around getting use to them, because they are really 5 inches high, I noticed there was a tack or nail poking the bottom of my foot. I'm going to need to get a hammer and flatten it out. Luckily, it didn't tear my new stockings.

by Rachel on 08/12/2020

Takes a little bit of practice and getting used to ( they are 5 inch heels after all) but pretty comfortable considering. But they are soooo sexy it’s more than worth the effort!!!

by Brown Sugar on 08/12/2020

Beautiful shoes! Plus I received my shoes super fast. Very pleased. I am going to order more shoes in the future.

by Kay Steele on 08/12/2020

I LOVE almost everything about these shoes. The style, the color, the fit, the heel height. And for me, they are actually comfortable to wear and do not pinch my pinky toes.

by Alan Karp on 08/12/2020

Love these shoes, as an alternative heel. I'm a high heel collector, so I have a pair.

by spazman43 on 08/12/2020

Theses shoes are really nice and sexy, but the strap heels don’t hold on my ankles.

by Valerie Harrell on 08/12/2020

Most comfortable stilettos ever! I'm ordering more! Love the fact that they're hand made!

by smallcastle on 08/12/2020

Worth the wait! LOVE-LOVE-LOVE I must say these shoes are super sexy. I purchased them to wear at a wedding and I was able to keep them on the whole night

by Bamagirl on 08/11/2020

I absolutely love these! They're very comfortable and didn't hurt at all. I wore them to a wedding rehearsal + dinner. Had them on for about 6-7 hours and they didn't hurt at the end of the night. Sizing was true to size. Super cute

by geraldine jones on 08/11/2020

It’s amazing, true to size, comfortable, and can be dressed up or down.

by William Sanford on 08/11/2020

I love it! I wear heels everyday and these heels are great! Very comfortable since the heel is not to large also still sexy since it’s a stiletto!

by Kay Wallace on 08/11/2020

I bought these high-heeled shoes for my girlfriend. She was very happy when they received them, they were the right size, and they were very comfortable to wear. She likes it very much!

by MS. Virginia on 08/11/2020

This is what exactly I have been looking for ! Perfer fit, great colour and very comfortable to walk. Getting it in another colour as well !! You won't regret buying it.

by MS. Virginia on 08/11/2020

Love the look and quality.they are comfortable and easy to walk in. I'm keeping them and will be wearing soon.

by Jodie Metheral on 08/11/2020

Perfect for this time of year. They are inexpensive and comfortable. I can’t walk in heels but the block heel on them made them easy to walk in and the heel isn’t that high.

by Bamagirl on 08/11/2020

I got the gold block sandals and they are super cute! Fit to size The heal it perfect height and so much sparkle

by smallcastle on 08/11/2020

I got the grey block sandals and they are super cute! Fit to size The heal it perfect height and so much sparkle

by Amanda on 08/11/2020

They are fantastic for the price. Comfy and nice for vacation

by Amber on 08/11/2020

I am very happy with these heels, doesn’t feel or look cheap, gives a very elegant look to your style. Well done.

by OGirl on 08/11/2020

I was expecting them to look a little cheap. They do not look cheap and look far better than the price. Extremely pleased .

by Michelle Banton on 08/11/2020

Beautiful shoes, great quality as well I'm so pleased with them.

by geraldine jones on 08/11/2020

They're easy to walk in and they aren't too short or tall. The price is great for the shoes in my opinion, and these are now my go-to heels for work/interviews.

by Mel Kennedy on 08/11/2020

I really like these shoes and will likely order them in the black and white, too. They fit as expected.

by JenB on 08/11/2020

The color is beautiful and the style is SEXY.

FSJ is ranked 4.9 out of 5. Based on 12156 user reviews.