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FSJ Shoes Store Reviews

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. Based on 12350 Reviews

by Ann on 01/15/2021

True to size, love how light they are and easy to walk in. I can't wait to wear them for my work event.

by Josie on 01/15/2021

If you’re thinking twice, just get them! Flattering and true to size!

by Anushka on 01/15/2021

These are my second pair. I love these shoes, for me they fit as expected and are totally comfortable. Really sexy and good looking shoes for the price.

by debbie on 01/15/2021

This is the first stiletto heels that I have tried that were not uncomfortable. The way the arch was made was great and surprising. I highly recommend these heels!

by Sara on 01/14/2021

Super cute and comfortable! I was looking for a pair of heels That weren't too high that I could wear to work. After seeing all the reviews on these I decided to go for it and I'm glad I did. I liked the way they fit and they looked good on. I wore them to work today and got so many compliments. I would definitely recommends the issues

by Bella on 01/13/2021

Love these heels ! They're a staple piece! Very comfortable and chic.

by Maria on 01/13/2021

Good quality

by Terri on 01/08/2021

Nice fit. Comfortable. Heel just right.

by Kturn on 01/06/2021

I absolutely HATE wearing heels. I've never been good at walking in heels and I usually carry a pair of flats with me whenever I go out. After wearing these at graduation, however, I didn't even need to change out of them. They're so comfortable and easy to walk in. Highly recommend these shoes - they go with almost every outfit too!

by Geralyn on 01/05/2021

My daughter wore them to her prom. They rubbed a little at the back of the ankle where the zipper is, but they sturdy, the color was even better in person; and we were able to find a matching clutch! She was gorgeous!

by Swtmoren on 01/05/2021

Super cute and comfortable . I had this on for 11 hours, walking around, wine tasting, dinner, playing pool, and dancing until 2am.

by David on 01/04/2021

Amazing shoes! I got so many compliments and they are comfortable to wear out for a night. Very cute and functional

by Priscilla on 01/04/2021

I love my shoes.....very comfortable and easy to wear. Good for standing long periods of time.

by Lib on 01/04/2021

These shoes are beautiful!!! I wore them to a military ball and they were a hit!!!!

by Bonnie on 01/04/2021

Ordered my exact shoe size and they fit perfectly! Cannot wait to wear these gorgeous shoes!

by MOH on 01/04/2021

I love the fit, color and style of this flat shoe. They are quite comfortable.

by Cindi on 01/04/2021

This shoe is comfortable and looks very classy.

by Kat on 01/03/2021

Very nice and comfortable pair of shoes.

by Jenna on 12/29/2020

I received so many compliments on these heels at my brother’s wedding. They’re sparkly and sexy! I danced all night and was the last one standing with these heels when all the ladies switched into their flats. They were perfect and I am so happy with this purchase. I ordered my regular size 7.5 and they fit my wide foot perfectly. Side note: I did break these heels in two days prior to the wedding. Do not wait until your occasion to wear them if you want to be comfortable all night.

by Tatiana on 12/29/2020

Love the shoes. The purple color is amazing. The classic style is perfect. Fits good. Nice quality. Definitely recommend.

by wxgirl on 12/21/2020

Love this show!! Perfect fit too! Good quality! I normally don’t spend $70 on shoes, but I had to have these and I don’t regret it!

by Terri on 12/20/2020

Is the bottom of the shoe red

by Philippe Corbeil on 12/20/2020

Do I have to provide others photos of these thigh high boots to buy them?

by Firelike on 12/17/2020

Not the most comfortable. Not sure if I will be able to wear for an entire work day, but they will be perfect for date nights, weddings or anything similar for a few hours. Super flattering and sexy.

by michelle on 12/16/2020

very sexy polished boots

by funky.g on 12/15/2020

SO good and so comfortable. I love these shoes so much!

by Ra'sheeda on 12/11/2020

Purchased the 9 and a half and it is beautiful! Fits as expected a little narrower to the front but all in all very comfortable!

by lovely lady on 12/10/2020

Great and comfortable!!! Trendy and looks great with almost everything!!! Love them!!

by AC on 12/10/2020

Such a beautiful shoe. Even more beautiful in person. Fits true to size. Im breaking them in before wearing them to an event.

by Mrs Eason on 12/06/2020

Sexy heels! So hot! I get a lot of attention when I'm clubbing.

by Mrs Eason on 12/04/2020

What a great shoe! I love them. Very sexy! The height was perfect and my friends loved them!

by Mrs Eason on 12/04/2020

Very sexy! Turned my boyfriend on!

by Cecilia on 12/01/2020

Gorgeous shoes, perfect for wedding after party. Love them so much!

by Linda. L on 11/27/2020


by Amy on 11/27/2020

The Curve is really beautiful, and the chunky heel makes it easy to hold!

by Bora on 11/26/2020

So good design! The heel is high but the platform makes me not tired.

by Customer on 11/26/2020

Amazingly comfortable! I wore these shoes for over 12 hours over the course of a wedding weekend, and my feet felt great!

by Sama on 11/26/2020

The fit was great and more comfortable than I thought they'd be! Definitely recommend!

by Lisa M on 11/26/2020

I ordered the shoe for a formal event which I required a bit of time on my feet. The shoes were comfortable and I will wear them again.

by Dana on 11/26/2020

Fit was good. Quality is good. I lik FSJ.

by Ashely on 11/26/2020

These shoes are beautiful and true to size.

by Kelly on 11/26/2020

Really cute and not too hard on the feet (I wear heels everyday)..no complaints.

by Larance on 11/26/2020

This pair of shoes is gorgeous. My girlfriend absolutely loved them. The shoes fit true to size and she stated that they were very comfortable.

by Vanessa on 11/26/2020

These look so great! They're exactly like the picture. The quality was good. The heel doesn't wobble when you walk - it's solid and sturdy.

by Mamak on 11/25/2020

I can't tell you how gorgeous these heels are. I got compliments all night on them.

by Anna on 11/25/2020

Omg totally gorgeous! Soo many compliments about this shoes it's unbelievable...

by Sandra on 11/25/2020


by Jing on 11/25/2020

I like glitter shoes! Very Beautiful!

by Mandy on 11/25/2020

Great shoe! I will buy it again.

by Victoria on 11/25/2020

Loved everything about these wedges!! They fit perfectly and are super comfortable and the color is super vibrant and a beautifulaccent to any outfit! Buy it now! You'll thank me later

by Xuening on 11/25/2020

Love this brand and I love this shoes, very comfortable!

by Jie on 11/25/2020

The heel is so high but I'm not feel uncomfortable because the platform works.

by NANA on 11/25/2020

Purple is my favorite color! COOL!

by Kate on 11/25/2020

These shoes are so unique, everyone looks at them and are amazed at the details.

by DI on 11/25/2020

I love this shoe! This is probably my 4th or 5th pair and is my go to work shoe. Great height and comfortable.

by Amanda on 11/25/2020

I bought it for my mom, she likes it!

by Mata on 11/25/2020

These are just lovely; I bought them to wear in a wedding. The patent leather is so pretty.

by Chaire on 11/25/2020

Great shape and quality. While they’re a tall heel, they’re well-balanced and I don’t feel wobbly at all. The perfect classy pump.

by Susan on 11/25/2020

Great fit and very comfortable! I purchased these in nude and immediately purchased the black ones shortly after.

by Erin on 11/25/2020

Classic style, classic color! Comfortable and Beautiful!

by Joy on 11/25/2020

These pumps are soooooo comfortable and cute! I always get compliments on them and can wear them out all night dancing.

by Walker on 11/25/2020

I really enjoyed the look and style of these pumps. They're very classic and would be a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

by Maccer on 11/25/2020

These shoes are sexy and comfortable!

by Stacy on 11/25/2020

The mirror leather is so beautiful!

by ARK on 11/25/2020

I got the black suede. So far, so good! I've only worn them around the house, but they feel great as of now.

by DIng on 11/25/2020

This is my second pair of FSJ, NICE!

by DHC on 11/25/2020

I have been searching for pumps that would stay on my foot for the last few years and these are perfect!

by Elizabeth on 11/25/2020

These are beautiful shoes, I wear them to work regularly as they go so well with most outfits and look amazing. Leopard is sexy! I like it!

by Sandy on 11/25/2020

Love these heels. Comfortable to wear, very stylish and extremely sexy.

by Lim on 11/25/2020

These shoes are O..M...G beautiful.

by eunji on 11/25/2020

SO ELEGANT! I like it so much!

by SWB on 11/25/2020

Very nice and comfortable although I just got them. I have a very wide foot and these are amazingly comfy.

by Jackson on 11/25/2020

You can usually expect shoes like these to be uncomfortable (comfort is never the point) but as high as these heels are they were actually totally fine. No blisters, no chaffing, no cutting off circulation. Very sexy. I got non-stop compliments all night. I had no glue issues (as I I've seen with other reviews). Color is beautiful. Great quality for price.

by Alicer on 11/25/2020

The shoe fits to the size I needed.

by Tiffany on 11/25/2020

I thought these heels were so cute and sparkly and they fit perfect !

by W on 11/25/2020

My personal preference would be for about a half inch more heel, but these sandals are so gorgeous and comfortable that I'm in love with them.

by CHEN on 11/25/2020

These are my second pair. I love these shoes, for me they fit as expected and are totally comfortable. Really sexy and good looking shoes for the price.

by Stephain on 11/25/2020

Purchased these heels for my girlfriend. She loved them!

by Maria on 11/25/2020

Peep toe is very sexy!

by Christina on 11/25/2020

Love these ! Fit perfect and Very comfortable !

FSJ is ranked 4.9 out of 5. Based on 12350 user reviews.