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FSJ Shoes Store Reviews

Rated 4.85 out of 5 stars. Based on 11442 Reviews

by Sandra Blakeley on 11/12/2019

I hoped they'd be comfotable, and they were! Wore them to a wedding and danced in them!

by D. Gonzalez on 11/12/2019

Great purchase! I had been eyeing this pair for a while and finally decided to purchase.

by crystalclear on 11/12/2019

I do not like to wear heeled boots as they are so uncomfortable, but the fsjshoes are an exception. They are strangely comfortable, supportive and easy to walk in.

by Big'nDapper! on 11/12/2019

I purchased these shoes for my wife and she absolutely loves them! She loves the style and comfort.

by BlazinTigerKnight on 11/12/2019

As a woman with size 10 wide feet, these boots were a Godsend!

by Dubs shops 71 on 11/12/2019

Perfect. I wear a 9, bought a 9 and they fit perfectly. Will be great for work and casual wear.

by Loain on 11/11/2019

These boots are sexy and well made, I love these so much!

by Gina F on 11/11/2019

Comfortable boots, highly recomended to you!

by Narda on 11/08/2019

The shoes are beautiful just like the picture, I have purchased a lot of Duds But not here ,will be doing more shoes shopping here.

by Nina on 11/07/2019


by Vicsosic on 11/07/2019

These boots are everyting!

by Diane on 11/06/2019

These are some the most beautiful shoes

by MI Online shopper on 11/05/2019

Ridiculously suitable and comfortable.

by Jessica Ortiz on 11/05/2019

These are perfect. The perfect color. Simple and classy looking.

by Mike Paden on 11/05/2019

This is a very pretty shoes, it's shiny and looks decent. Exactly as I have wanted.

by ASHLEY L COLLETT on 11/05/2019

Based on looks alone! Have only tried on but these may be the perfect shoe for under my wedding dress

by Patricia B. on 11/05/2019

Very comfortable. Not too high and not too low.

by Cecilia P. Lesmes on 11/05/2019

These shoes are the perfect height.

by Avid online shopper on 11/05/2019

I’ve lost count how many pairs of shoes I have of fsjshoes. I love the chunky heel boots.

by Thepurposedwoman on 11/05/2019

Love the shoe. Appears to be very well made. I am a true size 7 with a medium width foot that has no issues.

by Kawilliams on 11/05/2019

Love this shoe! This is my second color, I will keep buying more as the colors are on sale/available.

by Kate W on 11/05/2019

These shoes are absolutely beautiful, and feel like they’d be relatively comfortable for long wear. They looked stunning with one of the two dresses I bought them for, and I felt sexy wearing them.

by TonyD on 11/05/2019

I must say these shoes are true to size, not too high just the right height for someone who wants a heel shoe but not platform.

by Anonymous on 11/05/2019

These shoes are really nice looking so I'm keeping them even though they don't fit perfectly.

by Melissa on 11/05/2019

Okay so these are pretty cute, the heel is the perfect size but ive been wearing them at work for about two days now and i feel like my feet are on FIRE.

by Soph on 11/03/2019

I've had a bunch of compliments on these shoes and I don't usually write reviews but had to let people know how comfortable I find them! I can wear them all day and night to weddings without getting sure feet and because they have lovely soft material, no blisters! I wish I could buy them in more colours!

by Haley on 11/01/2019

These boots are fatanstic!!

by Alexandra on 10/31/2019

These are so chic!

by Bonnie on 10/31/2019

These heels are good for this season. Love the color.

by Grace on 10/31/2019

Happy Halloween!!! These boots are perfect match for my costume.

by Rosemary Visser on 10/31/2019

It's a very attractive heel. Very comfortable! I will likely buy more. Great find for the price!

by Dash on 10/31/2019

I love them! They are very comfortable and perfect size. I am a size 5 I have a small thin foot and they look amazing. Definitely ordering the other colors if available.

by Kat on 10/31/2019

These are gorgous . I wore them to a Vegas show . People just done dress up for those anymore . I felt so classy in them.

by yolonda326 on 10/31/2019

These shoes are just as pretty in person as on line. They fit perfectly and are comfortable!! The quality is top notch. I love these boots.

by Deja G. on 10/31/2019

Beautiful shoe and fairly comfortable. Got lots of compliments on them!

by Serena Sutherland on 10/31/2019

LOVE. THIS. SHOE! Soooo comfortable. I wear a 9 and that's what I bought. I picked this shoe up after it had been delivered, quickly tried it on just to see if the size was right then took them off. Later that night I wore them for about 6 hours straight (standing,walking, dancing) with NO ISSUES! They are so cute and have a soft sole which definitely helped with the comfort. Buy them!

by Brittany G. on 10/31/2019

I literally just got these shoes. I have another similar pair in a different color made by a different company and these shoes don’t fit anything alike. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these shoes.

by Stephaniet on 10/31/2019

Nice shoes very comfortable

by sinead taylor on 10/31/2019

Beautiful Shoes! They sparkled and glittered in the light.

by Erlo on 10/30/2019

This pair of shoes fit perfectly

by Alan on 10/30/2019

These shoes fit true to size and they look exactly like their display picture (maybe even a bit better)!

by Traffik on 10/30/2019

The comfort is great. The look is good for work.

by Opaloa on 10/30/2019

I like the shoe very much. It is good craftsmanship with fine quality.

by Cam on 10/30/2019

they fit well, they are comfortable, and they are an overall joy to wear.

by Bhunt on 10/30/2019

It has a soft back so it won't cut into your heels.

by Pierce on 10/30/2019

So these are very comfortable shoes especially for the price. The sole is very comfortable and the width fits perfect.

by Kelli on 10/30/2019

these were the shoes to buy, because they are the new style and they look really sharp.

by Kent on 10/30/2019

Highly recommended.

by James on 10/30/2019

they’re probably worth at least twice as much as what they cost. Very solid and unbeatable price.

by nicolni on 10/30/2019

Very comfortable, and a great value.

by Mark on 10/30/2019

They fit great and are very comfortable

by Toni Smith on 10/30/2019

Actually look much more expensive than they are.

by Tony Smith on 10/30/2019

These shoes came at the perfect time.

by Docholi on 10/30/2019

The quality is there. The fit and finish is there. These are very likable shoes.

by BJB on 10/30/2019

I'm very happy with this purchase. These are comfortable right out of the box and seem well made.

by Loomis on 10/30/2019

These were as expected. I wear a size 15, so it’s hard to find shoes...these fit perfectly.

by Mnica on 10/30/2019

Fit well, very comfortable, my feet stay dry.

by CB on 10/30/2019

I bought these shoes to be "everyday" office wear

by Hadassa on 10/29/2019


by Kelsey on 10/29/2019

I love this !! My winter option!

by Bonnie on 10/29/2019

Great boots worth waiting!

by Kate Sweety on 10/29/2019

The brown color was fantastic and the shoe was beautiful.

by Charley on 10/29/2019

I ABSOLUTELY wanted to keep this shoe! The construction and look are wonderful

by Marcino on 10/29/2019

I highly recommend them, especially if your foot is on the wider side.

by Amber on 10/29/2019

These heels are absolutely comfortable for daily use and long walks.

by Mimiac on 10/29/2019

Nice shoes, especially for the price.

by Denna on 10/29/2019

They are absolutely gorgeous shoes, very stylish, love the color

by Ski on 10/29/2019

I really like these! They are very pretty and very comfortable.

by Jay Kong on 10/29/2019

Really comfortable height, easy to walk in.

by Cassandra on 10/29/2019

Great shoes.They look great and seem t be comfortable.

by Nino on 10/29/2019

So happy ' very pleased, nice shoes

by Missashley on 10/29/2019

This is the perfect size, perfect fit.

by Leaper on 10/29/2019

Comfortable and classic.

by Talero on 10/29/2019

I will buy these over and over again - I can't wait to wear them more.

by Valerie on 10/29/2019

I ordered these for a Holiday party (where I was on my feet for 4+ hours) and I LOVE THEM. They are so comfortable, fit my feet so well and are easy to walk in.

by Court on 10/29/2019

I think they are beautiful, and appear well made.These are a nice dress pumps that I will wear to work.

by Lindies on 10/29/2019

I’m very happy with my purchase. I work at a bank and do quite a bit of walking around all day and the 3in heel is perfect.

by Vine on 10/29/2019

Definitely recommend! Worth the price!

by Barbi on 10/29/2019

They are amazingly comfortable, extremely durable and true to size.

by Stellwa on 10/29/2019

i have had these shoes for about a month now and have worn them for approx 20 days. They have held up incredibly well! They are truly well made shoes.

FSJ is ranked 4.85 out of 5. Based on 11442 user reviews.