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FSJ Shoes Store Reviews

Rated 4.75 out of 5 stars. Based on 6631 Reviews

by Scott Heineman on 08/13/2018

love them! worth the wait!

by jasetjaseto on 08/13/2018

Beautiful,,my sister loves it so much.

by ALICIA on 08/13/2018

Cute great quality i ordered the wrong size

by michelle williams brewster on 08/13/2018

Only positive excellent fit and look

by Abigail Serrano on 08/13/2018

I can't believe how beautiful these shoes are!!!! I am so happy that I purchased them!!!!

by jean on 08/13/2018

Beautifully fit and classy

by Marce on 08/13/2018

Shoe is just like the picture very comfortable. Color is super nice.

by Kristin P on 08/13/2018

great shoe - comfortable & perfect color (just as pictured)

by Mara on 08/13/2018

Surpassed my expectations! Would have bought these for $100. So comfy and exactly like the picture. Definitely will buy it again!

by HayzelGarcia on 08/13/2018

They are nice shoes can't say they're comfortable though

by denise perry on 08/13/2018

the shoe was beautiful. Very well made & a beautiful color.

by Teach 30 on 08/13/2018

easy to walk in, comfortable I can wear these all night!Love them would love to experience other colors!

by M. Swarthout on 08/13/2018

Very nice pump considering the inexpensive price. I wore them for a couple of hours and I have to say I was surprised at how comfortable they actually are.I am about to order them in white, very happy with my purchase. You won't be disappointed!

by Ms. Ann on 08/10/2018

I just got the shoes today, The box was so damaged and the front of the shoes was smashed in. Overall I love the shoes fits great, I wear an 8 but got a 8 1/2, best thought ever. I have more on my wish list will be getting soon. LUV,LUV, LUV

by Sophie on 08/10/2018

Loved and they are comfortable.

by Tanya Renee on 08/10/2018

I have never been a fan of block heel shoes, but this one has changed my mind :)

by Tanya Renee on 08/10/2018


by Roger A Burnish on 08/10/2018

Classic and stylish.

by DiB on 08/10/2018

Love the color and love that I can wear them with everything!

by I dont want anyone to know what i buy on 08/10/2018

love them Thay fit grate and soo cute and comfy too that's hard to find Thanks

by TENA H. on 08/10/2018

Beautiful shoe! Fits perfectly! I normally wear a size 6, but I went up a size to a 6 and a half and it fit perfectly. I was definitely not disappointed!

by myjohang on 08/10/2018

Comfortable sandals. Got 1/2 size up from what I normally wear.

by Sea & Sun on 08/10/2018

This is my second pair of the same color and type. I use them daily and they are very comfortable to wear and look great too.!

by A. Gift For You on 08/10/2018

These are great shoes! I look forward to buying many more pairs.

by JulieZ on 08/10/2018

Nice looking shoe, fits comfortably and easy to walk in. Fit true to size for me, I bought 7.5 which is my usual size. Doesn’t show much toe cleavage and doesn’t look cheap. I’m happy.

by SeaDips on 08/10/2018

Love these heels So much I have in 3 colors! Fit perfectly!

by SeaDips on 08/10/2018

insanely comfortable!!!! runs true to size

by Anna M. Krentz on 08/10/2018

I wear a 6.5. They fit perfectly. The are very well made

by DLW on 08/10/2018

My third pair....my puppy ate the first 2....love the fit, comfort and look

by Kelly Pace on 08/10/2018

Love these. Fit and wear like a higher brand show. Color is as the picture.

by Christy Goodman on 08/10/2018

These shoes are my favorite!!!! Comfortable and stylish!!! And I needed Wedge heels!!!! Perfect!

by ragazza000 on 08/10/2018

These are really nice quality for such a low price. I usually do a 9.5 in flats, 10 in pump. They were snug.

by Karen Folgar-McGee on 08/10/2018

Great shoes.!. The sizing was accurate for me ( i bought them in my exact shoe size). I found them very comfortable...

by Lovely Shoe on 08/10/2018

Was a little on the fence at first. My daughter tried them on and amazingly I realized they were exactly what I wanted! I just hope when others see them on my foot they are in love as much as I was when she tried them on!

by Emily on 08/09/2018

This shoe is perfect for its price. It has a nice quality feel and looks very classy. The heel is PERFECT.

by Wilson on 08/09/2018

The shoe is stunningly beautiful.

by Princess on 08/09/2018

What a gorgeous pair of heels! The leather is soft and smells fantastic.

by Sean on 08/09/2018

perfect fit

by Shir on 08/09/2018

Look beautiful

by Daniel on 08/09/2018

I won the best shoes contest at the event I bought them for.

by Uminski on 08/09/2018

I love my shoes fits perfectly

by Matti on 08/09/2018

These shoes are beautiful! I'm going to be a bridesmaid in a 50's themed wedding this summer and these are perfect!

by Laudre on 08/09/2018

I love the shoes they are cute and stylish the heels are pretty high

by Dueres on 08/09/2018

This is a beautiful colored shoe. I love the height and how comfortable it is.

by Shipe on 08/09/2018

They are GORGEOUS! Pretty comfortable for such a high heel.

by Hannah on 08/09/2018

Love this shoe.

by Nikki on 08/09/2018

The color was a lot more pink than the pale pink shown here. But the shoes are very comfortable and true to size.

by elisangela on 08/08/2018

Great item they are true to size and look lovely on

by jenni on 08/08/2018

Exactly as described.

by Flossy on 08/08/2018

Manage to decorate them to match my outfit

by tat on 08/08/2018

They are comfy and nice colour.

by lux on 08/08/2018

Quality is great for a cheap price.

by Anna on 08/08/2018

It is exactly as it shown and I really love it

by Jasmine on 08/08/2018

oh really nice shoes ! the heel is just high enough ! very, very nice :-) thanks

by Fendiy on 08/08/2018

Love this bling bling sandals!

by A smith on 08/08/2018

Very sexy and comfortable on my foot.Love them .so beautiful!

by H. Belt on 08/08/2018

They are so comfortable will buy them again.

by Margaret on 08/07/2018

Very comfortable. Great quality. Very happy!

by Bonnie on 08/07/2018

Love these pumps, I bought them in black.

by Chili on 08/07/2018

Picture shows them perfectly.

by Moonbean on 08/07/2018

Love these! Also they got here faster than expected.

by Mamag on 08/07/2018

Perfect. They were for a one of a kind, very special event.

by Genuie on 08/07/2018

Amazing and superior customer service and sales professionals, amazing product! Highly recommended! Thank you so much!

by Candale on 08/07/2018

I love these shoes. They look so expensive! Really well made.

by Saint on 08/07/2018

These boots are surprisingly comfortable. They have a soft lining in them that I wasn't expecting.

by Elaith on 08/07/2018

I get compliments on them whenever I wear them!!!

by Pandora on 08/07/2018

I love, love, LOVE these boots!! I love them so much

by anonymous on 08/07/2018

These are great! I received many compliments from strangers when I wore them out.

by Chasity on 08/07/2018

I love these shoes!These are one of my favorite shoes, ever!

by Jenna on 08/07/2018

I just received this beautiful shoe. I just love the side tassel. nice arch and support with this height of shoe. the Rhinestone band is much brighter and sparkles more in person than the picture.

by Sunny on 08/06/2018

Great product!

by Mimi on 08/06/2018

Fits great!

by alex on 08/06/2018

Beautiful shoes! Very comfy to walk!

by Sara on 08/06/2018

love these and have gotten great complements.

by Ernie on 08/06/2018

Loooooove this shoe!!!!

by Clarissa on 08/06/2018

Loved the way they fit and looked with my outfit!

by Beatriz Monje on 08/06/2018

Love! Love!! Love!!! these shoes! It just got delivered today and I tried them on, they are gorgeous!

by Benniegirl on 08/06/2018

Nice shoes!

by Lorena on 08/06/2018

Loved these and went well with my wedding dress!

by hot_tea on 08/06/2018

I love it! It’s elegant, pretty, sexy, sparkling, you name it! It came in today and I can’t wait to wear them

FSJ is ranked 4.75 out of 5. Based on 6631 user reviews.