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FSJ Shoes Store Reviews

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars. Based on 7913 Reviews

by Anika FT on 12/15/2018

So glad to have found these

by Sara.P on 12/15/2018

These were perfect from the first wear.

by Arnold on 12/15/2018

I tried these because of the reviews and I'm SO GLAD that I did.

by buckhot on 12/15/2018

I haven't found a more comfortable pair, and they can last a couple years as well.

by Carahs on 12/15/2018

They are so comfy, and essential, cute, stylish shoe for work.

by Ellies on 12/15/2018

The most important is as its name suggested, it's really super comfortable and it didn't hurt my feet at all! I think I can wear it more often because it looks so nice and feels comfortable, the height is optimal too! Highly recommended!!

by Todman on 12/15/2018

You do get what you pay for. These are really comfortable

by Campedy on 12/15/2018

shoes are the best professional shoes I have ever owned.

by Shoy on 12/15/2018

I LOVE these shoes so much.

by Ann on 12/15/2018

Great value for amazing comfort!The shoes also are decent

by Vasques on 12/15/2018

I'm so glad I decided to wear these.

by Plato on 12/15/2018

Most comfortable high heel ever. I wear it to the office and since they were so comfortable

by Annie F on 12/15/2018

I have these heels in all different colors because they are the most comfortable heels around.

by Fuzzy on 12/15/2018

High quality shoe for the price.

by Jason on 12/15/2018

These shoes are super cute!

by Faryn on 12/15/2018

Better yet, these shoes are true to size and incredibly comfortable.

by AO on 12/15/2018

I will wear these for work and for weddings etc. Will definitely be buying more!

by Cynath on 12/15/2018

The heel is the perfect height in my opinion. I also love that they have comfortable padding which makes it so much easier to walk.

by Annoy on 12/15/2018

These are exactly what I was looking for, a classic black heel for any occasion.

by Sandra on 12/15/2018

I would buy them again. And I will.

by Wendel on 12/15/2018

I swear by these shoes! I wear these to work almost every day and they get a lot of milage.

by Adams on 12/15/2018

My fiance actually likes these! She said they are comfortable and the size 10.5 fit perfectly.

by Meagan on 12/15/2018

Well I was pleasantly surprised that they not only fit perfectly they are very comfortable too!

by beeca on 12/15/2018

I always receive numerous compliments any time I wear these shoes.

by Audrey on 12/15/2018

the best pair of heels I’ve ever owned and they are so pretty!

by Noelle on 12/15/2018

Love these shoes! I buy them over and over.

by Hanna on 12/15/2018

They have a nice, classic look and I don't even mind wearing them.

by Brown F on 12/15/2018

I am not one to enjoy wearing high heels but these are fantastic.

by DB24 on 12/15/2018

I bought these to go with an interview outfit.

by Eane on 12/15/2018

They are literally the most comfortable shoes I own yet they look sleek and stylish! Yay!

by Sava on 12/15/2018

They fit amazing and look classic! They were comfortable than most when I first put them on.

by Katherine on 12/15/2018

when i’ve worn them all day, but so far so good!

by Paige on 12/15/2018

Fits well, good price, comfort okay.

by Turner on 12/15/2018

The fit is good, and it is about as comfortable as you could expect from this sort of shoe at this price.

by Raya on 12/15/2018

I truly did not believe heels could be comfortable and never thought I'd be able to wear them all day without torture.

by Nora on 12/15/2018

I do not wear heels often so my feet are not used to that kind of abuse but I am able to where these for long periods of time with very minimal discomfort and zero difficulty walking.

by Sandberg on 12/15/2018

They don't look or feel inexpensive. Nicely comfortable on the try-on.

by Pepper T on 12/15/2018

When they arrived, I tried them on and was surprised at how comfortable they were.

by Picker on 12/15/2018

really really comfortable and looks stylish

by birdy on 12/15/2018

Umm these shoes are amazing.

by Alexandria on 12/15/2018

Amazing! I love them. True to size

by Jenry on 12/15/2018

I ordered these for a job interview and I got the job! Seriously, these are some of the best heels I've ever worn.

by Michele on 12/15/2018

Overall, I think these heels are pretty decent and are a good product for the price you pay.

by Lute on 12/15/2018

This shoe is pretty nice for how much it is.

by Balleto on 12/15/2018

I Love these shoes. I love pumps BUT the older I get the more I want style and comfort

by Duker on 12/15/2018

Price is perfect.these shoes are just a perfect fit for MY feet.

by Citymom on 12/15/2018

The shoe is very comfortable.

by OKr on 12/15/2018

They are easy to walk in and don't rub into the back of my heel or crush my toes.

by Brandt on 12/15/2018

These shoes are great. Beautiful color.

by Kas on 12/15/2018

ove, love, love

by Basket on 12/15/2018

they're actually quite comfortable!

by A. Gonzales on 12/14/2018

FSJ is one of my favorite brands. These were true to size and very comfortable.

by Rebecca Tsang on 12/14/2018

super cute and as comfortable as you would expect from such high heels.

by jg on 12/14/2018

After all the reviews I decided to make my purchase. My feet are average not wide or narrow. They fit well.

by North AL gal on 12/13/2018

Fit great and comfortable to walk around it, even in NYC in the snow!

by M. Morris on 12/13/2018

Cute and comfy boots to wear with skinny jeans!

by Elizabeth Turner on 12/13/2018

I've had the boots for a few weeks now and absolutely love them.

by Letta Meinen on 12/13/2018

Excellent boot as I going to New York and wanted a boot for easy walking and style. It was perfect as the first day must have walked five miles and felt great.

by Carol N. on 12/13/2018

These are such a steal for the price! Looks perfectly as I expected, very nice brown color.

by Goira on 12/12/2018


by Heather Pinkerton on 12/11/2018

Great fit. Great quality. I have had many compliments on them!

by Ms.Lemonade on 12/11/2018

These shoes are amazing. They fit me well. I wore them two days all day and my feet didn't hurt at all.

by Eucharistic Heart on 12/11/2018

They delivered in excellent condition, and in due time. Love wearing these

by ChristinaR on 12/11/2018

Love these little booties!

by Stephy Mayes on 12/11/2018

After having 2 children i went from a size 7 to 8 and i have wide feet. These heals are sexy, comfy, and fit perfect. Shipped in 7 days

by schreinercy on 12/11/2018

One of my favorite pairs of shoes. Very good quality for the price.

by Anonymous on 12/10/2018

The fit was true to size.

by Grace on 12/10/2018

So far so good for the boots!

by Grammar Police on 12/10/2018

Wow. These are awesome boots! They fit true to size. They look amazing!

by Jennifer on 12/10/2018


by zilliax on 12/10/2018

Comfortable all day on feet right out of box.

by avidreader89 on 12/10/2018

These are exactly what I would expect from FSJ.

by Katie Parker on 12/10/2018

I thought these looked nice in the photos, but they're even better in person!

by m on 12/10/2018

Product fit well. I bought the black in 6.5.

by kvkysar on 12/10/2018

I wore these pretty much every day while we were traveling in Europe, and we walked miles and miles every day. These were the only shoes I took on our trip that never caused any pain. I absolutely love these shoes. They are incredibly comfortable.

by AmeriGirl on 12/10/2018

Stylish and comfortable.

by Barbara on 12/10/2018

Great Heels! LOVE!!!

by LauraK on 12/10/2018

They fit me true to size. Not the most comfortable, but not too bad.

by Suzy on 12/10/2018

Super cute, sexy

by M. Harchaoui on 12/10/2018

These are gorgeous! I got so many compliments

FSJ is ranked 4.8 out of 5. Based on 7913 user reviews.