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FSJ Shoes Store Reviews

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars. Based on 7302 Reviews

by Alexared on 10/20/2018

I swear by these shoes! I wear these to work almost every day and they get a lot of milage.

by Brown on 10/20/2018

Love these shoes! I buy them over and over.

by Andrety on 10/20/2018

you know get what you pay for. Well I was pleasantly surprised that they not only fit perfectly they are very comfortable too!

by Catherine on 10/20/2018

I will probably come back and do an update when i’ve worn them all day, but so far so good! They fit amazing and look classic!

by Pepper on 10/20/2018

They don't look or feel inexpensive. Nicely comfortable on the try-on.

by Leoh on 10/20/2018

I don't like to wear heels and don't wear them if I can avoid them. These are a bit higher than what I'd go for in heels and they were very easy to wear.

by Dria on 10/20/2018

Amazing! I love them. True to size

by Jen on 10/20/2018

I can honestly say I've never worn a more comfortable heel.

by Picther on 10/20/2018

Umm these shoes are amazing. Because I wear out work shoes rather quickly

by Thronte on 10/20/2018

I own these in almost every color.

by Duke on 10/20/2018

Heel height is great. Price is perfect.

by Kate F on 10/20/2018

I bought these for a wedding and they are so amazing.

by Lab Tech on 10/20/2018

Love, love, love Comfort

by Peggy on 10/20/2018

These shoes are great. Beautiful color. Fit like a glove.

by Teddy on 10/20/2018

For someone like myself who doesn't like to wear heels, they're actually quite comfortable!

by Farity on 10/19/2018

just as shown. Comfy

by Ka on 10/19/2018

The shoe looks and feels great.

by Ericak on 10/19/2018

Super cute! Comfortable, true to picture, and true to size!

by Joyce on 10/19/2018

Surprisingly, this sandals looks good in person. It's comfortable to wear

by Ibelieve on 10/19/2018

Bought for myself and hope I can fly with these sandals!!!

by Harry on 10/19/2018

Bought for my EX and hope she is breaking up!!!

by SeaDips on 10/19/2018

Bought for my mom and she loves it.

by REXXA on 10/19/2018

Bought for my GF and she like it.

by Laksie on 10/19/2018

Love the style of these boots, highly recommended!!!!!

by kiko on 10/19/2018

Just amazing, love this.

by Fande on 10/19/2018

This thigh high boots are so sexy and look classy.

by Kristin on 10/18/2018


by Harro on 10/18/2018


by GERO on 10/18/2018

Nice !

by Gd on 10/18/2018


by Cathy on 10/17/2018

Well made!!

by Kathryn on 10/17/2018

The shoe looked fantastic!!!

by Bxoxo on 10/17/2018

I LOVE THESE HEELS. They are so cute and actually fairly comfortable.

by Prime&Proper on 10/17/2018

This shoes are gorgeous, comfortable, and completely true to size and color.

by OP on 10/17/2018


by JEA15 on 10/17/2018

The shoe is very comfortable and unless you are not use to walking in high heels you will be fine.

by R.CALIUP on 10/17/2018

The shoe itself is a fashionable Great brand.

by AGB on 10/17/2018

It's a beautiful shoe for the price.

by shayne lewis on 10/17/2018

Super cute but gave me blisters every time I wore them !

by Elsa Ambriz on 10/17/2018

So comfy and pretty!

by Tesia on 10/17/2018

very stylish and classy

by E_FamilyOC on 10/17/2018

I’m obsessed with these shoes!

by xsenior on 10/17/2018

These shoes look great on! The heel is comfortable enough to wear all day long.

by Tres-B on 10/17/2018

One of my favorite shoes ever!

by Stephanie L Grogan on 10/17/2018

They are beautiful.

by Jade on 10/17/2018

Fits great, actually comfortable & expensive looking!!!!

by MnMMom3 on 10/17/2018

I've concluded that this style and brand of shoe are one of me and my daughters favorite.

by Melinda_Seattle on 10/17/2018

Super versatile and true to size for me

by Marial on 10/17/2018

Fabulous shoes!!!! Love!!!! Will be ordering many more colors!!!!

by Steved on 10/17/2018

I love these! They are better than any high end brand I’ve had.

by Andrew on 10/17/2018

Love love the shoes. Very comfortable to walk in

by Forester on 10/17/2018

i love them and will order other color soon/..thanks a lot

by Yesha on 10/17/2018

Very cute shoe. True to size.

by Lizy on 10/17/2018

Blue colour!!!....great fit!!!love it!!

by Edwin on 10/17/2018

I purchased the pink pair.

by Cius on 10/17/2018

I actually love these!

by Melisa on 10/17/2018

These shoes are so awesome!

by AMAIRE on 10/17/2018

My shoes arrived on time and are a true fit.

by Manic on 10/17/2018

Love these shoes! Highly recommended! Looks even better in person.

by Divacitizen on 10/17/2018

A complement to you and an outfit, a must buy, I will get other colors.

by Dara on 10/17/2018

I was worried that my shoe would run too small or be very narrow however it fit wonderfully and very comfortable.

by Kathleen V. on 10/17/2018

The only reason I am giving this a four star is because my pain from having crappy feet might not be your problem.

by Ogle on 10/17/2018

Great shoe! It does fit as expected so there's no me to buy a larger size. Buy the size should get at the store.

by Erwin on 10/17/2018

Very nice shoe. This is the 2nd pail I have purchased and expect to order more.

by Let:it:be on 10/17/2018

I adore these!

by Gina on 10/17/2018

Very Beautiful shoe

by Cedez on 10/17/2018

Gorgeous shoe and great price

by Krysteina on 10/17/2018

I love these the color was perfect. I cant see how I will be able to walk in them for a long period of time.

by Vandas on 10/17/2018

These are super cute! I normally wear a size 8.5 or 9, so I ordered the size 9

by Ethel on 10/17/2018

Simply Stunning! They fit true to a size 8.

by Avriel on 10/17/2018

They fit perfectly and look so glossy and new.

by Gigi on 10/16/2018

Great quality shoe. The shoe is very beautiful. The only problem is It did pinch my corns. Other than that, it is a great shoe.

by Rlo2018 on 10/16/2018

They just arrived in the mail today and I'm so happy with them.

by Mckiny on 10/16/2018

I bought this for my niece, she like it so much it fit perfectly.

by Sean on 10/16/2018

Worth the money, they are stunning!

by Barlow on 10/16/2018

So gorgeous! I bought these for my daughter's wedding

by Zombie on 10/16/2018

Absolutely amazing quality the craftsmanship is wonderful they fit like a dream

by Cabron on 10/16/2018

Great looking shoes

by Lopes on 10/16/2018

Totally beautiful and so happy!! Thanks

by Hardesty on 10/16/2018

Great buy!Exteremly pretty shoe!!! That is a fact!

FSJ is ranked 4.8 out of 5. Based on 7302 user reviews.