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FSJ Shoes Store Reviews

Rated 4.85 out of 5 stars. Based on 10579 Reviews

by TQD on 07/23/2019

Heels are very stable and they are a good fit for my outfit.

by Chneey on 07/23/2019

I like the Chinese style.

by Hulu on 07/23/2019

Heels are pretty high but very comfy!

by Horle on 07/23/2019

Very stylish!

by Vee on 07/23/2019

These heels were so dreamy fit like a glove and oh so comfortable. I had gotten so many compliments and of course I shared my source lol. I really felt good walking in them and dancing in them too. I have to say these are super fun and sexy!!! I highly recommend them xoxo

by Esther Del Carmen Ramon on 07/22/2019

Bought these as a gift for my sister in law and they were absolutely a HIT!

by Karen Kienast on 07/22/2019

These are awesome shoes!

by Matt on 07/22/2019

I have wide feet so it was expected that these would be too narrow so they are going to be pretty uncomfortable to walk in.

by a_bennett on 07/22/2019

Great shoes! I'm a size 8, once in a while an 8.5, and the size 8 fit me perfectly.

by Nation of Koko on 07/22/2019

Very expected these to be as comfortable as they are.

by Alexander J Fiedler on 07/22/2019

Absolutely love them!! My personal problem is one foot is a little bigger than the other.

by Kaci Dillingham on 07/22/2019

Gorgeous shoes. Finely crafted, and look quite expensive.

by Barbara E. on 07/22/2019

I love these shoes! I get constant compliments and people are shocked when I tell them what I paid for them.

by Taji Hasan on 07/22/2019

They are very comfortable and is the correct fit !

by Sara on 07/22/2019

I love these heels! They are really great quality…

by Samantha B. on 07/22/2019

I really love these shoes. I normally wear a 7.5 so that's what I ordered but they were a little big when I tried them on. I would have returned them for a 7 if I had time. Even though they were big I still wore them and it worked out just fine

by Amy Bryant on 07/22/2019

These shoes are legit beautiful and the price is super reasonable.

by Lexi J on 07/22/2019

Beautiful ! And they are so comfortable to walk in.

by Wild on 07/22/2019

I took a risk getting a half size smaller than i typically wear, but they fit wonderfully and were very comfortable!

by Jessica Noblick on 07/22/2019

Super sleek and trendy!

by Yaaya. on 07/22/2019

I have not purchased it, but I love the color, and I believe the heel will be very comfortable.

by Chris M on 07/19/2019

Love these shoes! They look super classy

by A. Gonzales on 07/19/2019

FSJshoes is one of my favorite brands.

by Sam on 07/19/2019

These are beautiful shoes!

by lisajaquez on 07/19/2019

I wear a 8w and got the 8.5 and they fit perfect, a tiny bit tight in the toe but I have wide feet (3.5 inch wide). My feet are 9.5 inch long and I have about half and inch of space in the back which is fine because they are heels. Easy to walk in and comfy SO SEXY can’t wait to show my man

by M? on 07/19/2019

I was worried these would be impossible to walk in, and really uncomfortable. BUT- they are amazing!.

by Rachel on 07/19/2019

I LOVE these shoes! They're super cute and far more comfortable than I expected.

by jg on 07/19/2019

My feet are average not wide or narrow. They fit well. Stayed with my normal size.

by Sarai on 07/19/2019


by Sparkle on 07/18/2019

They are super cute. However I would not recommend standing in them for to long they can get very uncomfortable. I wore them one time and I am not looking forward to wearing them again. But they are super cute.

by Summergyrl on 07/18/2019

Love these and I am so happy I found them

by Kelly bassett on 07/18/2019

It's Beautiful

by Roc on 07/18/2019

Photos do this shoe absolutely noooo justice. I mean these are gorg and extremely light. Fit is true to size as well. Going to enjoy dressing this shoe up for my birthday! Will update with photos soon!

by FABULOUS on 07/18/2019


by Andrea Blair on 07/18/2019

Absolutely stunning!! Had a couple finish dinner beside us at a very nice restaurant and she couldn’t resist stopping and asking, “where did you buy the shoes?” Color amazing, gold heel beautiful, and very comfortable!!

by Davis on 07/18/2019

These shoes are absolutely gorgeous!

by champernell washington on 07/18/2019

i really enjoyed wearing this shoe , it looks a lil cheap in your hand , but when you put it on this shoe make any outfit come to life!! .. many compliments!!

by K. Aaron on 07/18/2019

These are beautiful and comfortable, which is an unlikely combination. I love them!

by Pat on 07/17/2019

Love them I have really wide feet and it looks really nice and comfy

by Davis on 07/17/2019

I love the color. The style of them.

by sigi on 07/17/2019

hi great servivce love the shoes perfect fit thank you will buy again

by Teresa on 07/17/2019

Pretty, nice...

by Katherine on 07/17/2019

They are so beautiful on.

by Brinty on 07/17/2019

I absolutely love these shoes. They fit really good and I received a lot of compliments.

by Natalie on 07/17/2019

Definitely will be buying them every year for summer even my style still stays the same.

by Meliz on 07/17/2019

It's worth it. Great price too.

by Garcia on 07/17/2019

They look fabulous with jeans or dresses.

by CLW on 07/17/2019

I just received my shoes today and I'm so happy.

by Chimeleyh on 07/17/2019

I love this brand, I have not bee disappointed with any of the shoes I have purchased from them!

by Kiyo on 07/17/2019

You should never miss this gorgeous heels

by Chloe on 07/17/2019

These are super great!

by Didi on 07/17/2019

I am absolutely in love with this shoe.

by Fiona on 07/17/2019

Order these shoes for my engagement photos and fell in love with them!

by Michell Concepcion on 07/17/2019

I'm surprised that it's supper comfortable and it would've been a perfect fit if I just order a smaller size.

by Liz W on 07/17/2019

I ordered these shoes for my vow renewal. I ordered them a half size smaller. I plan on adding some gel inserts for extra comfort. I'm no heel expert but they seem comfy enough.

by LMU on 07/16/2019

Gorgeous!!! I love these styles of shoes to fit exactly to my foot

by Emily Shearon on 07/16/2019

Got so many compliments on these beauties.

by GracieK on 07/16/2019

My new favorite shoes!!!! They are so light and breezy, I feel barefoot :) I'm am ecstatic about this purchase!

by Waller on 07/16/2019

Shoes fit and looked amazing on both occasions!

by brittiany sands on 07/16/2019

Amazing! So gorgeous and come wrapped in individual shoe holders in a box. Great quality and I can’t wait to wear them on the cruise.

by Grace on 07/16/2019

They are stunning!!!!!!

by Flop on 07/16/2019

Cool shoes, love them!

by Joey24 on 07/16/2019

I ordered a 10 and it fits PERFECT. I haven't worn them out yet but I can't wait to! I got them because of the chunky heel and they are going to be so much easier to walk in!

by Karen on 07/16/2019

I wear a 9.5 and ordered a 9.5 and the shoes fit perfectly. The shoes look exactly like the picture and they are comfortable. I like the shoe box and a plus that the shoes are placed in its own bag!

by vsilverio on 07/15/2019

Fitting was perfect.

by 804 on 07/15/2019

Very comfortable

by kj on 07/15/2019

I went dancing in it. Super comfortable. I did not think I would be able to survive in them for too long. My feet were hurting a bit but not too bad. They are awesome looking.

by DT on 07/15/2019

Love love love this shoes

by Susan on 07/15/2019

I have not worn these out yet, but, they seem comfortable. Nice fit, and look sophisticated. Love em’.

by Tiffany on 07/15/2019

These were slightly narrow around the toes

by Julie on 07/15/2019


by FLORELLA CASTRO on 07/15/2019

Product as described, as pretty as expected

by Elizabeth on 07/15/2019

Great summer heel

by Sue on 07/15/2019

Wow so nice! Perfect! Great quality and comfortable, love the padding. Fits true to size.

by Wednesday on 07/15/2019

I am so happy I chose these...perfect fit...true to size and width... well made.

by Dqueen on 07/15/2019

They look really good on. Not something i can wear all day, but for a few hours, they will look great!

by Alexandra on 07/15/2019

Fits true to size! Super sexy but comfortable

by Larissa Kay on 07/15/2019

Adorable and happy to add these to my collection

by Iloveshopping1217 on 07/15/2019


by Shannon on 07/15/2019

Bought this show for my 16 year old to wear to her school dance and she loves it. Fit as expected and her feet are a little wider so this shoe fit just right.

FSJ is ranked 4.85 out of 5. Based on 10579 user reviews.