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Stilettos Shoes

Stilettos Shoes is a shoes which has a long, thin, high heel at the after side of shoes. Start from late 1950s Stilettos now is very popular style of women shoes. FSJ provide stilettos shoes, stilettos sandals, stilettos heels and stilettos boots over 1000 styles with full size.
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Stilettos shoes detail

Stilettos shoes are known to elongate a woman's leg, enhancing calf definition and making the ankles appear slimmer thus getting rid of the dreaded "Cankle" the familiar name for the appearance that is where the calf and ankle seem to be one.

They are named after the long slim dagger which originally bore the name. Believe it, or not stiletto heels have been around since the 1800s and are depicted in several drawings of that time.

The shoes have always been associated with the sexier woman, and the slightly unbalancing effect that the extremely thin heel confers has long been the attraction for men who like to see women in high heels.

Stilettos vary in the size of their heel ranging from 2 - 6 inch. It depends on;

  • -the user's demand,
  • the extent of their adaptability,
  • the degree up to which they can preserve the gait and,
  • how they can care their feet by adapting it.

They got out of fashion for some time in the sixties as thicker fashions came in. However, women were still looking for them. Blahnik is the ma helped revive the stiletto heel was Manolo who in 1974 introduced his "Needle" Blahnik has been an extremely sought after designer ever since.

They come in different size and features but our targeted budget to spend on it also plays a vital role in choosing from various varieties.

Stilettos Shoes cost between $40-$120. Some examples include;

  • -Women's Pink Rhinastone Stiletto Heel Pumps Shoes.
  • -Strappy Stiletto Heel - Pencil heels Open Toe Chloe Pink Ankle-Strap Sandals for Big day/ Anniversary
  • -Women's Pink Glittering Super Stiletto heel Striper Heels and many others.
  • A recent survey conducted online reveals that most of the women opt for stilettos when they desire for high heels.This is because of the various benefits attached to them which include;

  • (a) Stiletto shoes give a sexy and seductive look.
  • (b) It achieves the gain of an awesome gait.
  • (c) It provides a great appealing look to the women by maintaining the stride.
  • (d) All high heels increase your height when you wear them and make your calves to be in proper shape. These stilettos shoes do this in a great manner.
  • (e) Along all its features, Stiletto gives a unique appearance to the feet because it is found in various types like toe-peep, ankle strap, stiletto pumps, etc.
  • (f) It completely meets the demand regarding wants of women.
  • (g) The availability in different colors makes it more acceptable since it can lead to a good dressing sense.
  • Following the above reasons give by customers and consumer perception towards these shoes, they have become the leading high heeled shoes for women in the footwear industry. Therefore, the additional features and the transparency in its look adds much weight to it and finally makes it unique among all the shoe alternatives available in the market.

    So, at last, with the introduction of Stiletto High Heels, the desire of women to look sexy and seductive is no more a nightmare and gets converted into reality. Thus stilettos came up with the revolution in the footwear industry.