Halloween Is At The Cornor, Can Not Wait To Dress Up

Days are counting down to the Halloween ( 31th, October), have you found your dreamy dress to be the queen or demon in the party?If your a tracky girl, you can try some cartoon customes; and if you want to probe that you are surely the one can take any styles, you can try like sexy kitten girl or Bonnie suits. Let's take minutes to look back what did  our lovely models and movies stars put on themselves before and you would be amazed by their creativities. Kate Moss, as the super model has cosplied  Cara Delevingne! 

2015  Heidi Klum Cosplied Jessica Rabbit


2015 Gigi Hadid Cosplied Sandy from Grease


2015, Jennifer Lopez、Casper Smart Cosplayed Skull



2014  Kate Moss Cosplayed Cara Delevingne




 2014 Taylor Swift Cosplayed Unicorn



2011  Doutzen Kroes in Catwomen




1996, Cindy Crawford Cos Marilyn Monroe




2008, Alexa Chung cos Marie Antoinette




 2013  Gisele Cos Dorothy