Funny She Jill - Retracing the Steps

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world" -Marylin Monroe. Fashion is the sassiest form of expression. For women across the globe, fashion has proved to be a great joy and in many ways a cult. For some, expressing their opinions may be a Herculean task so they choose to do the same by their choice of clothes. There are some souls who work for what they love. It works wonders when career and passion come together and lead to something unforgivable.

Our company, Funny She Jill is a living example of a company that is keen to offer a shoe brand inspired by super fashion designs and pricing according to customer satisfaction. All women out there would definitely agree with me on the fact that it is nearly impossible to select the perfect pair of shoes for an occasion as we always end up in a regular form of heels which have been in fashion since ages. We are a brand in demand leading its way to the top. The sexiness of our shoes is so high that we are able to maintain a good reputation in the society with a worldly-wise clientele.

Our company has a great history as we have been in work since 1998. All the shoes sold by us are handmade in the family owned factory . The main motto of our company is to satisfy the needs of our clientele and we do that by offering customization of any kind of shoes required by the customer. You give us photos, designs or even simple hand made sketches, we make your dream pair as per your demand. It is generally believed that shoes are a work of art. They are a cherishable and admirable piece of hard work that creates a whole new definition of wearing a proper outfit.

The works of our founders can be seen today in the achievements made by our company. We have created a lifeline for all those women who can't find out time from their chores and shop. In every difficult phase of life, a girls dreams about the perfect guy and that one guy was the co founder of our company. Every girl out there dreams of her boyfriend taking her shoe shopping and buying her a dream pair but what if I tell you that there is one person who created a whole shoe line just for his love? Surprised? You should be, as the start of our company is quite a story as one of the co founders of FSJ named as Daniel especially learned to make shoes for his girlfriend which would fit in a perfect manner.

This is the dream of every single girl on the planet and our co founder fulfilled it for his girlfriend. Admirable, isn't it? These lives of the people related to FSJ have been on a rollercoaster ride and there is still so much more left to learn about us. The story is yet to be continued and our journey is yet to be discussed. Join us on our adventure to know how things work out with Daniel and how his girlfriend reacts, as the love for shoes demand a little bit of attention.