Some People Think it Is Beautiful, But Some People Think It Is Idiotic, Do You love This Pair of Sho

The names of many fashion items are came from an interesting story. Like this "Kitten Heels" The name comes from the shape of the heel, 3-5 cm heels are very similar with the tiptoe toes of cats , so here comes this lovely name. Kitten Heels win a lot films on 2016 Fashion Weeks. No matter with Pumps, sandals and even boots, shoes all look more lovey with kitten heels.

 Prada/Tadashi Shoji 2017 Spring&Summer Selections

Maybe only pictures on the stage can tell you enough about how popular is t is now. So, on the streets of NT, London, Paris we captured many fashion bloggers with them. 


The design of low heels focuses on it would reduce the tiredness while walking and standing, and can easily match with dresses and jeans. Can not be more easy and chic! 


 Kitten heels with dresses show feminine, women do not have to be too aggressvie but amazing enough.


 With jean and pants, charming your ankles up 

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