Except Kim Kardashian West Who Else Had Be Robbed ?

Buji S Oct 12, 2016

5 days  after being robbed in Paris, Kim Kardashian West finaly showed up in public. She was in sports suits, and holds North West in her arms tightly.

It is said this terrible assualt left nightmare to her, she keeps worring about the safety of her two kids. First lets looks back upon what happened in that midnight.

At the midnight of 2nd of October, Kim was in a hotel named The Hôtel de Pourtalès , suddenly the door was knocked, she came to door and found two strangers in police uniform standing there with mask on their face. 

That was the moment when Kim felt soemthing went wrong and reached to her phone to call her securites. But of course, the phone was took away before its connected. Caterns tied her foots and hands up with tapes and handcuffs and threw her in the bathtub. She was freaked out that time and thought she might be raped, so she told the robbers that she is rich and they can took anything they want away. She also begged as a mother of 2 kids to them do not hurt her.

Then the caterns took guns out and pointed it  to her head asked where was the diamond ring Kayne West gave to her not long ago.She realised that is their target and told them the position right away.

By the time the securites came back the robbers just left the apartment. The whole robbery was only 6 minitues, robbers took a piece of jewery which vaules more than $10 millions and 2 iphones away. And they ran off by bicycles .(Yes, bicycles.)

Kanye West  was on a show in NY and had to cancle it and left quickly.

Kendall, who was also in Paris at the same time , was too fear to leave Paris immediatly and took her private plane to came back to USA.


In fact , it is kind of like a ordinary things to celebretities to be stolen of robbed.Sometimes, the people who stole them might be who admire them.

So, who are those celebrites got be robbed or stolen ?

First here is Paris Hilton.

A bunch of  people broke into her house for 5 time (yes 5 times ). Maybe because she is so rich that could not find what she lost until one time there almost 2 millons dollars things including clothes, jeweries and case, she found out ant called the polices.

Next is Miranda Kerr.

Miranda and her ex-husband Orlando Bloom was stolen once. Lots of their luxury clothes and Rolex Watches are stolen.  They lost 500,000 dollars in one night.

Next one is Lindsay Lohan, a group of young people who claimed themselves super fans to Lindsay stolen more than 130,000 dollars jeweries and closthres from her.